Wild Smiles Braces

The WildSmiles Braces Story. WildSmiles Braces in Des Plaines

WildSmiles Braces were developed and patented by Dr. Clarke Stevens. Dr. Stevens has always had a keen desire to make orthodontics a positive experience for patients and their families. He leads his office team to provide excellent orthodontics in a fresh and fun environment where everyone, be it patient or staff, is number one! WildSmiles braces are now available to Des Plaines residents in our orthodontic office.

Dr. Stevens’ creative office environment sparked the idea to develop WildSmiles. He was commenting on a small heart necklace adorning one of his young patients when he realized it could be the model for an orthodontic bracket pad. Dr. Stevens immediately set out to design the first prototype of WildSmiles Braces that would come to revolutionize the way people thought of esthetic orthodontic appliances. After nearly a decade we have introduced six shapes and are continually improving. In the dental field, a decade of experience speaks for itself.

Our WildSmiles Braces shapes of Flower, Heart, Star, Soccer ball, Football, and Super-Diamonds present a revolutionary concept to enhance the patient experience while in braces. They give patients the ability to create their own orthodontic smile. WildSmiles Braces are patented designs that only we can offer. WildSmiles are crafted and manufactured in the United States to exacting standards in a Roth/MBT prescription for the maxillary anterior teeth. WildSmiles Braces are perfect for early or full phase treatment.

Our WildSmiles Brackets have been meticulously engineered to provide optimum esthetic and functional benefits.

Information taken from Wild Smiles website