Surgical Orthodontics

Dr. Yarmolyuk Is Your Orthodontist In Elk Grove

An orthodontist can usually solve a patient’s problems with misaligned teeth while working without any help from other dental practitioners. There are some major misalignments of the jaws and teeth, however, that require much more extensive corrective treatment. Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk wants to be your orthodontist in Elk Grove whether you need minor treatments for crooked teeth or extensive maxillofacial surgery. A skilled orthodontist like Dr. Yarmolyuk can work along with an oral surgeon to make dramatic corrections to breathing, speaking, and chewing problems, as well as making improvements in your appearance.

What Is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Elk Grove orthodontist Dr. Yarmolyuk is a specialist in correcting problems that come with the misalignment of teeth. He can also help you if you need a more serious corrective jaw surgery. There are many reasons why you might need this type of surgery. Your jaws can be misaligned due to a birth defect, an injury, or simply growing at different rates and ending up unable to come together properly. These conditions can lead to any number of undesirable effects, including an inability to chew food thoroughly, which can lead to problems with digestion.

Chronic pain in misaligned jaws can also cause headaches and lead to arthritis in the jaw. Your teeth can wear away quickly because they grind together instead of aligning properly when your mouth is closed. Many doctors in Elk Grove recommend Dr. Yarmolyuk to their patients for problems with sleep apnea and other related breathing problems, which are often caused by structural deformities of the jaw and teeth.

How to Determine if You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery

The decision of whether you require oral surgery to cure problems with your jaws and teeth is a cooperative one. Dr. Yarmolyuk will confer with your regular dentist and a maxillofacial surgeon to determine the best course of action for your particular problems. Corrective jaw surgery can be a long and involved process, and portions of your treatment will be handled by a number of healthcare professionals. Dr. Yarmolyuk is uniquely qualified to handle the entire process for you so that you get the best outcome.

You’ll need to see your orthodontist in Elk Grove both before and after you undergo corrective jaw surgery, and the term of your entire treatment could last for several years. When you undertake such a serious commitment, it’s important that you have one, central caregiver that helps you to understand your treatment fully, and is available at any time when you have questions or complications. Dr. Yarmolyuk will be there for you from your initial consultation all the way through to the day your treatment is completed.

Problems That Can Be Addressed by Dr. Yarmolyuk

Many patients assume that an orthodontist simply straightens teeth. While Dr. Yarmolyuk can give you or your child a dazzling smile and better overall dental health, there are much more serious corrections to the jaw and teeth that can be addressed.

Open Bite

If only the molars in your mouth come together when you close your mouth, and your front teeth protrude, it can lead to many chronic problems and give you an unusual appearance. Dr. Yarmolyuk can offer a series of treatments along with a maxillofacial surgeon to remove some of the bone in the upper jaw to re-align the teeth and allow your jaw to close properly. This will not only improve your appearance, it will allow you to chew your food properly and stop the uneven wear on your teeth that can lead to serious tooth loss in later life.

Protruding Lower Jaw

Often called an under bite, a protruding lower jaw can cause many undesirable effects. In addition to giving you an unusual appearance, the misalignment of the teeth can cause uneven wear and improper chewing, which harms digestion. Misaligned jaws can cause severe headaches, and the bone structure itself can begin to break down. Many problems with sleep apnea are caused by under bites and over bites. The loss of teeth from uneven wear is also very common. Dr. Yarmolyuk can coordinate a series of treatments to modify the lower jaw and position it properly, and straighten any teeth.

Weak Chin

If you have a receding chin instead of a protruding chin, the problems with the misalignment of your teeth can be still be severe. A receding lower jaw can also have a profound effect on a person’s self-image, as it give them an unusual, turtle-like appearance. Dr. Yarmolyuk can supervise the treatment for a receding chin, which involves a modification of the lower jaw to move the teeth and chin forward. Full treatment will often also include straightening of your teeth in at the office of your orthodontist in Elk Grove.

What to Expect During Corrective Jaw Surgery

Well before any surgery, Dr. Yarmolyuk will begin orthodontic treatment to shift your teeth into the correct position to take full advantage of the improved functioning of the jaw that comes with jaw realignment surgery. The full benefit of this portion of your treatment will become apparent when the maxillofacial surgeon repositions your jaw, and your teeth immediately are in proper alignment.

After this part of your course of treatment at your orthodontist in Elk Grove is completed, most patients will undergo surgery under general anesthesia in a nearby hospital. Some less invasive procedures can be performed in the maxillofacial surgeon’s office. Depending on your particular problem, the surgeon might add or subtract bone in your jaw, or reshape the existing bone structure. Many of the procedures are done using incisions inside the mouth, which hide any scars. Any incisions on the outside of the jaw will be made with an eye toward minimizing their appearance. In an hour or two, your procedure will be over and your jaws and teeth will be in alignment.

When your surgery is complete, you’ll be given detailed instructions on a modified diet to aid in healing, with a timetable for returning to a regular routine of eating and other physical activity. Pain medication will be provided to make your recovery as pleasant as possible.

Most patients are able to return to school or work in one to three weeks, and within about six weeks the majority of the healing will be complete. Complete healing takes from nine to twelve months.

Additional Visits to Your Orthodontist in Elk Grove

Dr. Yarmolyuk will continue to see you in his office to make sure that your entire course of treatment is proceeding properly, and to deal with any complications that might arise. He’ll make sure that you’re able to enjoy the dramatic improvements in your health and appearance that corrective jaw surgery can bring!