Types of Braces

When it comes to wearing braces, these days you have many options. At Orthodontic Experts of Arlington Heights, we will help you find the one that’s right for you.

The most basic, common, and affordable type is regular metal braces. These are made out of top quality stainless steel and are a great choice for treating all types of orthodontic cases. The metal brackets are bonded (“glued”) to you teeth and are joined together by an arch wire which moves your teeth in a desired position. The brackets can be customized with colored elastics, making them a great choice for younger patients who get excited about changing colors every visit.

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Your next option is clear ceramic braces such as Clarity or Radiance brackets. These braces are clear and easily visible. For this reason, ceramic braces are very popular among adolescent and adults. These brackets are slightly more expensive and more brittle making food restrictions very important.

For the kids, teenagers, and adults who really want to show off their braces there are a few unusual alternatives. For patients who like the look of gold, there are gold plated metal brackets. For the patients that would like to have a little fun with braces there are Wild Smiles brackets.

The least visible option is lingual braces. Lingual braces are attached to the back surface of the teeth, making them completely unnoticeable to other people. Lingual braces are custom made and harder to work with, making them the most expensive alternative. Because lingual braces are the most “invisible” option, they are a great choice for young professionals and adults who don’t want anyone knowing that they are wearing braces. We are proud to offer two types of completely custom made lingual braces (Incognito Hidden Braces, and Harmony Invisible Lingual Braces) to the residents of Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect and neighboring communities.


Arlington Heights / Mount Prospect orthodontist Dr. Yarmolyuk uses only top quality 3M Braces
Why 3M Braces?

3M is a global leader in technology, innovation and research. We’ve been producing inventive products that improve people’s lives for over 100 years. 3M is the science, the exhaustive testing and the entrepreneurial spirit behind the brands you trust -like Post-It, Scotch, Thinsulate, Nexcare and more.

In the braces arena, 3M produced the first stainless steel braces, the first adhesive pre-coated braces, color-changing bonding adhesive and true self-ligating braces.


3M Orthodontic Leadership

Put your smile in our capable hands. 3M has been producing innovative orthodontic products in an ever-growing variety of markets for more than 100 years. We’ve been a proven leader in the orthodontic industry for over 60 years. We put this expertise to work for you in every set of braces we manufacture– all backed by our unwavering commitment to superior customer service and the highest quality products available.

Victory Series Metal Braces / Mount Prospect Braces

Introducing the new standard in braces comfort. Victory Series Metal Braces work like traditional full size braces — without the bulk and discomfort.

  • Smaller braces enhance comfort and aesthetics
  • High bond strength provides firm, corrective forces
  • Unique natural curvature provides maximum contact and comfort
  • Smooth finish is easier on the lips and gums
  • Metal braces with colored bands have become a popular new way to decorate teeth
Clarity Ceramic Braces / Mount Prospect Braces

Experience the natural look of these smooth, sculpted and completely clear ceramic braces. Clarity braces are strong and will not stain or discolor. Over one million people around the world have trusted their smiles to Clarity braces.

Incognito Hidden Braces / Braces in Mount Prospect

These lingual braces are placed behind your teeth and completely hidden from view. State of the art technology allows Incognito Hidden Braces to be 100% customized to meet the unique orthodontic prescription of every patient.

3M SmartClip SL3 and Clarity SL Self-Ligating Braces / Braces in Mount Prospect IL

The braces feature a unique SmartClip brace design that eliminates the need for tiny elastic bands. This clip is made from temperature-sensitive Nitinol material and is available only from 3M. This special clip is available whether you choose metal or translucent ceramic self-ligating braces from 3M. Self-ligating braces reduce your time in the orthodontist’s chair because there are no tiny rubber bands to replace and archwire changes are faster than with traditional braces.

Revolutionary APC Adhesive Coated Appliance System / Mount Prospect Illinois Braces

This is a faster, more efficient system for bonding braces which means less time in the chair for you. Each brace is precoated with just the right amount of adhesive, keeping the steps in the bonding process to a minimum.


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