Interceptive Orthodontics

In some cases, ideal time for children to start orthodontic treatment is around the age 7. At that time, the first permanent molars and front teeth erupt and our orthodontist Dr. Yarmolyuk can evaluate the position and relationships of the teeth and determine if it’s likely for your child to have orthodontic problems such as crowding, crossbite or underbite, in the future.

Early evaluation allows our orthodontist to detect and successfully treat minor orthodontic problems and prevent them from turning into more severe problems later in life. Interceptive orthodontic treatment allows Dr. Yarmolyuk to guide the growth and development of jaws, teeth and soft tissue oral structures. This can reduce orthodontic treatment time and overall cost that could be incurred with orthodontics throughout your child’s life.

If your family or pediatric dentist or pediatrician has recommended that your child see an orthodontist, call our Arlington Heights orthodontic office for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Yarmolyuk will perform necessary evaluation and will let you know if intrerceptive treatment is needed or if you child can be placed on regular recall visits until they are ready for orthodontic treatment.