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How To Prepare Your Child For Braces

Braces for Kids

If you or your child is about to start braces treatment, there are chances that you will have a lot of questions such as how to prepare for braces? How to get braces? How much are braces for kids? What is the process of getting braces? and many more. Orthodontic Experts believes that it is crucial both you and your child go into the treatment with confidence. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you some tips that would help to become more confident and prepare your child for this journey.

A Beautiful Smile Starts With a Free Consultation

Once you had a consultation with an Orthodontist at Orthodontic Experts and you know that braces is a suitable option for your child, it’s time to have a talk with your child about the importance of braces for kids, why they need braces and what they will achieve. Try to imagine together with your child the final result and try to explain how beautiful, healthy and straight smile would benefit them in life. Also, it is important letting your child know what the process of getting braces is and how the treatment would go. For instance, you can mention that the tiny brackets will be glued to their teeth and connected with a wire; if your child wants, they can get colorful elastics placed over the top of their braces; and that from the moment the treatment starts, they’ll need to come back for regular appointments with the orthodontist to have the wire adjusted in order to straighten their teeth with braces for kids. Mention that process of getting braces is not painful and that they might experience some discomfort only for the couple of days. In case the discomfort occurs, there are a number of ways to manage it.

While having braces fitted, your child can experience light pressure on their teeth for the first couple of days. Preparing for your loved one soft food like mashed potato, pasta, yoghurt or soup would keep their energy up without having to chew too hard during these first few days with braces. Furthermore, always try to keep some orthodontic wax around the house. In case brackets irritate on the inside of their mouth, orthodontic wax will help to eliminate the discomfort very quickly.

Finally, the main thing is that your child knows that once the treatment is over, they will have straight, healthy and confident smile!

Typically the type of braces chosen for your child depends on the severity of issue, family’s comfort level and financial affordability. Most often, traditional, mini or self-ligating braces are chosen as the best type of braces for children. These braces are reliable, fast, advanced, cost-effective and durable.

Clear aligners is an advanced technology but it depends on the maturity level of your child. Clear aligners teen is specifically designed for teenage children and for those who wear the aligners regularly. Traditional braces have proved to be the safest and better solution for the children requiring a high level of care.

Just like an orthodontist check-up is necessary at the age of 7, a good age of braces for children starts from 9 years to 14 years. During these years, the child’s growth is maximum and hence the teeth can be adjusted with maximum positive and fast results. However, for an adult there is no right or wrong age. They can get braces whenever they feel the need for one. As a general rule, once the adult teeth are in, braces are applicable. As soon as your child understands how to take care of braces, they can get it.

Baby teeth are not considered important by many people but actually they play a critical role in defining the path for adult teeth. And because baby teeth are easily moldable, getting braces during childhood pays for its benefits in the longer run. It is a good idea to start orthodontic treatment at early age to avoid any serious complications later on as well as the cost to treat them.

Once your teeth are straightened it provides many benefits: easy cleaning of gums and teeth, better function of chewing, avoiding speech impediments, and above all a perfect straight smile.

The length of time to wear braces depends on the type of braces, severity of issue and the expected results. However, a child normally wears braces for 18 to 36 months while the average time for adults is 2 to 3 years. Make sure that you or your child pay regular visits to the orthodontist to keep track of the results and address any problem that could otherwise slow down the process.

Food can get easily stucked and braces are a safe haven for germs so make sure that your child brushes their teeth regularly after every meal. Also, your child should avoid sticky, hard, and gummy foods such as popcorn, candies, and bubble gums.

Your child shouldn’t be concerned about the cost of braces for kids but you should definitely know how much are braces for kids? The average cost of traditional braces for kids ranges from $3,000 to $7,000. Traditional metal braces are the most common and cheapest option for dental braces. Each kid’s orthodontic treatment is different, which is why the price may range-if a kid requires more orthodontic care than another, the price for treatment will be higher.

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