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Are You A Coffee Lover? Here Are Some Tips on How to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth!

Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

One of the frequently asked questions at orthodontic experts is: does coffee stain teeth? The answer is yes it does. For many of us, coffee break is a great source of energy and a good excuse to catch up with friends. Coffee simply makes us feel good and sometimes even more confident. But… What if it also takes away your confidence to smile, due to its staining effect? It is known that coffee contains polyphenols that easily get into the microscopic ridges or cracks in your teeth, therefore, this leads to dark stains on your teeth that don’t look attractive at all. That’s why you should know how to prevent coffee stains on teeth.

Does Coffee Stain Teeth

It is easy to say is that reducing the amount of coffee you drink would help, however, it’s not that simple in practice. Instead, you can use this simple trick – drink coffee only at certain times (you can even make a schedule for coffee-break), it’s way better rather than constantly sipping it throughout the day.

Another useful trick that would prevent coffee stains on teeth is changing the ingredients in your coffee. You can add high fat milk in your cup of coffee, as it minimizes caffeine from attaching to your teeth. Additionally, drinking coffee with less caffeine can also greatly reduce the chances of staining.


Taking care of your oral hygiene is another factor that would prevent coffee stains on teeth. First and easiest thing to do is to rinse your mouth with water after each coffee break. However, it would be more effective if you brush and floss your teeth immediately after each cup of coffee.

Finally, one of the most important elements of keeping your teeth white and healthy, is to make sure you visit your dentist regularly and don’t try whitening your teeth at home with some “special” whitening products. Having your teeth whitened by professionals is far more effective and safe.

Talk to Our Orthodontist Now!

Now you know how to prevent coffee stains on teeth but if you have already stained your teeth, don’t worry at Orthodontic Experts, we can provide you with a special whitening solution we have seen great success with in our patients. Our professional staff is always there to help you to achieve the smile of your dream. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and just give us a call at (847) 749-4340 and we will be happy to help you or schedule an appointment for you. As always, if you have any questions regarding insurances, payment plans, flexible spending or health savings accounts please feel free to call the office, we’re are here to help! You can also text us at (847) 404-3268 for any quick questions or inquiries. Our diverse staff will be able to communicate with you in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Urdu and Hindi languages. We have eleven convenient immaculate locations and eleven orthodontists on staff. It’s never too late to achieve that beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for all your life!

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