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Foods That Can Damage Teeth of Your Children

foods that damage teethEvery child craves sweets and sometimes it becomes difficult to control the amount of sugar consumed. Sugar consists of sucrose that results in bacteria that eventually produce a certain kind of an acid. The acid will begin to etch away the teeth, causing tooth decay. Here are several tips on how to limit the amount of unnecessary sugars.

Watch out for Drinks
Uncontrolled amounts of consumed juice can cause tooth decay as it gives cavity-causing bacteria opportunity to produce the acid that damages teeth from the inside. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended for children of age from 1 to 6 to consume no more than 8-12 ounces of juice. As far as children ages 7 to 18 is concerned, the acceptable dose is no more than 12 oz. Nevertheless, the best option to decrease the risk of tooth damage is to replace juice with delicious milk and get used to drinking water.

Gummy and sticky snacks
Many of us have an impression that snacks like dried fruits or raisins are healthier than a simple candy, however, the truth is the opposite. Sticky snacks are even worse as they stick to teeth for a longer period of time rather than treats like chocolate.

Crunchy Food
Food like salty crackers, cookies, and chips contain carbohydrates, which eventually break down into sugar. Furthermore, they get easily attached to the tops of our teeth for continuous periods of time.

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