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Invisalign Chewies: Purpose, Precautions, How to Use Them

how to use chewies with invisalign

Made from soft plastic called styrene copolymer, aligner chewies are specifically designed and formulated for an improved comfort and fit of the new aligners. It is about the size and shape of a pencil grip or a cotton roll and works to close any air bubbles between invisalign aligners and teeth and ensure the comfort.

Invisalign chewies come in different colors such as green, pink, yellow, purple, white etc. And some of these are scented to give a pleasant feeling instead of just plain Styrofoam alternatives. Due to their smaller size, these are ideal to be kept in invisalign case.

Invisalign chewies help to keep your treatment fast and on-track for the most effective results. By improving the fit of your aligners, these chewies move your teeth effectively and you get the rewarding results. Invisalign chewies are considered necessary only when the aligners aren’t fitting correctly and that is mostly when you first switch to a new set.

aligner chewies for invisalign trays

As the aligners gradually shift your teeth into new position so whenever a new set of aligner is worn, it may be not be a proper fit so these chewies help them to fit to the new position of teeth taking care of these chewies is crucial to keep them using for as many times as you can. With multiple usage, chewies can accumulate bacteria and must be washed at least with warm water before putting into your mouth and after taking out of your mouth.

As a simple guide on how to use a chewy for invisalign, simply bite down on it and chew it for 5-10 minutes shifting it in different parts of your mouth and most particularly where you see or feel air bubbles. The best time for using invisalign chewies is before the bedtime during the night. Bite on the chewies gently and chew slowly to not harm the aligner trays and cause you pain. This repeated biting helps the aligners to better conform to the shape of your teeth. You can chew on them as often as you want to but usually these are required when adjusting a new set of aligners.

Chewies for Invisalign are not edible because they are made up of plastic that may be perfect for adjusting your aligner according to your teeth but cannot be consumed as a snack. If you really wish for an edible option then you might find some specially designed mint flavored edible chewies in the market that both adjust the fit of your aligners and refreshes your breathe but you must take an advice from your dentist first.

Aligner chewies for invisalign trays are non-edible but these are re-usable. You are required to chew them for about 5-10 minutes before going to the bed and keep reusing them every night until the chewy loses its shape and its elasticity is lost. You need to keep these chewies clean for the next time and wash it with warm water and soap for a germs-free reuse. Use of these chewies is recommended only when your aligners are not fitting properly otherwise just let the aligners take their time and do their work.

can i eat invisalign chewies

So, in order to get effective results, orthodontists usually advice chewing exercises at least twice a day for 10-15 minutes to ensure they are situated properly in the mouth because if the aligners are not properly seated it might lead to unnecessary delay in treatment leading to increased invisalign cost and treatment revisions. These invisalign chewies actually work to help your invisalign treatment finish with desired results.

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