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Generally, people believe that dentists are equivalent to orthodontists. However, this is not the case. Although dentists and orthodontists have some similarities between them, orthodontics includes a specific field of dental care. This means that orthodontists only treat special types of dental issues. The orthodontists of Orthodontic Experts in Mundelein specialize in diagnosing and treating the position, alignment or spacing of the teeth. These special treatments include braces and oral appliances which help amend these problems. Your Fox Lake Orthodontist is looking forward to serving the community of Fox Lake while really making a difference!

Welcome to Orthodontic Experts of Mundelein, IL

Our orthodontists and our highly trained orthodontic team aim to provide top orthodontic care to the Mundelein community. At Orthodontic Experts, our priority is our guests. Fox Lake is located very close to Orthodontic Experts of Mundelein. This makes it very convenient for our patients to visit our Mundelein orthodontic office. Our orthodontic office is conveniently located next to Fox Lake, IL making it only a 30-minute drive from Orthodontic Experts in Mundelein.

Orthodontic Treatments in Fox Lake, IL

At Orthodontic Experts, we believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. That is why we provide multiple orthodontic treatment options. Some of the orthodontic treatment options we offer include:

Orthodontic Technology in Fox Lake, IL

Orthodontic Treatment in Fox Lake, IL

When choosing an orthodontist, it is integral to find an orthodontist that utilizes the most up to date orthodontic technology and that highly trained in different areas of orthodontic treatment. At Orthodontic Experts of Mundelein, our Fox Lake orthodontist use the latest orthodontic technology including:

Orthodontic Financial Plans

In addition to different orthodontic treatment plans, we also offer a variety of financial arrangements to help you pay for our services. Our financial plans include:

It is our goal to offer our patients the best orthodontic care in a fun and exciting environment serving the Fox Lake area. We provide our patients with exceptional service before, during, and after treatment, ensuring that your orthodontic experience, and your smile, exceeds your expectations.

At Orthodontic experts, we use the latest orthodontic technologies, techniques, and products. Your Fox Lake orthodontist is dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable and effective orthodontic treatment possible. You’ll receive an orthodontic care plan designed with your unique goals in mind and individual attention at every appointment.

Our Mundelein orthodontic office is only a 30-minute drive from Fox Lake, IL.

Call our office at (847) 448-0471 to schedule a consultation and find out why we’re the top choice for orthodontic care for residents of Fox Lake today!

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