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Invisalign in Harwood Heights, IL

A confident smile makes the world smile with you.

The Orthodontic Experts’ mission is to build true smile confidence through our outstanding range orrthodontic services in Harwood Heights. Now, for a smile that transforms your appearance, Orthodontic Experts also offers Invisalign tooth straightening: the easiest, most comfortable way to tidy uneven teeth without anyone even noticing your invisible braces. You could say Invisalign is all about straightening teeth without braces.

Invisalign consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable braces or aligners that you change every two weeks for a new set. Each aligner is individually made to fit you perfectly ensuring maximum comfort. Little by little, as you replace each aligner, your teeth move gently until they have straightened to the final position you agree is right for you.

So start on the right track today, and find out how you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

The approximate plan of having Invisalign Treatment is the following:

Step 1: Consultation with our Orthodontist

During your consultation, our specially trained professionals will listen to you and advise on how you can achieve the smile you have always wanted. We will talk you through the Invisalign invisible braces tooth straightening system and discuss what’s right for you.

Step 2: Impressions and X-Rays

X-rays are taken at our specialist partner clinic and, together with impressions of your teeth, sent to Invisalign for treatment planning

Step 3: Discuss Treatment Plan with your Orthodontist

Review appointment where your treatment plan is discussed and then submitted to to create your Invisible Aligners.

Step 4: First Aligners Fitted

Welcome to the world of invisible braces! Your first Aligner is fitted and at the same meeting your standing order is set up to cover the remaining cost of your treatment, or a credit card payment is taken to cover the full outstanding cost of your treatment.

Weeks 5: Regular Reviews in line with Treatment Plan

Invisalign delivers nearly invisible, removable braces you can actually enjoy wearing, knowing you are heading towards a more even smile.  Through your programme we will identify appropriate review points to make sure that your journey is on track.

End of Plan

Congratulations! Now is the time to sit back and smile.  When you’re finished wearing each aligner in the series, your treatment will be complete and you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Straightening teeth without braces in Harwood Heights really is possible.