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Orthodontic Experts with its experienced team, and industry advanced technologies proudly serve the community of Skokie with premier high quality and best orthodontic treatment. Our professionally expert staff of the best orthodontist in Lincolnwood, IL serves the patients from kids to adults and provides care and attention in a comfortable and professional environment delivering efficient and effective results. Our expert orthodontist Lincolnwood, IL team is thankful to you for trusting us with your most valuable asset, your smile and we regard your trust with us and try to go beyond the expectation of our patients and bring satisfactory yet amazing results.

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Best orthodontic treatments in Lincolnwood

Our clinic in Lincolnwood is aimed at providing not only braces but all kinds of orthodontic treatments ranging from traditional metal braces in Lincolnwood, IL to Iconix clear braces, and clear aligners treatment in Lincolnwood, IL. Cleft lip and palate treatment, dento facial orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics and surgical orthodontics are also offered in the comfort and convenience of our state of the art facility and in the hands of board certified orthodontist in Lincolnwood, IL.

Although metal braces are the oldest and preferred type of orthodontic treatment, people are now looking for more invisible braces in Lincolnwood, IL. Iconix braces and clear aligners in Lincolnwood are the most advanced type of treatment which allows people to get less noticed by others when going under treatment. When Iconix Brace’s rose gold color matches the natural color of your teeth, clear aligners just do not become obvious at all. These are the fastest, reliable and less visible types of orthodontic treatments in Lincolnwood.

Why should you choose orthodontic Experts?

  • We offer convenient appointment schedules at early morning and late evening
  • We offer a 24-hour emergency line to meet and accidental situation
  • We offer complimentary consultation for all of our patients
  • We guarantee on time treatment. We promise to finish your treatment in the estimated time frame but in case we do not finish, by no fault of the patient, we continue the treatment at no additional cost.
  • We make the use of high-tech digital intraoral scanners
  • All of our doctors are members of the AAO (American Association of Orthodontics)
  • We accept all major insurance plans including PPO’s and HMO’s

Book a consultation and start your journey

Your initial consultation at Orthodontic Experts will give you the opportunity to meet our Skokie orthodontist in Lincolnwood, IL, learn more about orthodontics, receive a complete initial exam, and find out which treatment options will best meet your needs.

Your first consultation with us will be free during which, we will:

  • Review all your dental and medical history forms.
  • Perform a complete oral exam and X-rays, to determine if you really need a treatment.
  • Help you create a customized treatment plan.
  • Discuss all payment plans, financial information and insurance options.
  • Prepare a customized treatment plan and educate you for the same.

Our orthodontist in Lincolnwood, IL would love to answer your questions, and we will provide all the information you need to determine which treatment is right for you. Contact our practice to schedule your initial consultation.

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