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Our orthodontists in Waukegan near Grandwood Park are set to provide high quality orthodontic treatment to the patients of all ages. No matter if you or your child has a problem with bite, crooked or spaced teeth, or crowded teeth; we have the solutions for all your dental problems. Whether you want information for the basic orthodontic treatments or want to discuss your options from braces and clear aligners in Grandwood Park, our best orthodontist in Grandwood park will guide you for everything at your first consultation with us at no charge.

Yes! We do not charge anything for your first consultation without an orthodontist.

Whether you are a child, teen or an adult, we offer many different options of orthodontic treatment and care to match not only your requirement but also lifestyle and careers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff listens to your problem, gives you details on your options and suggests the best treatment according to your health and budget lines.

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Braces in Grandwood Park

We understand that all people want to have beautiful smiles but not all like to wear metallic braces, therefore we offer all the variety of braces including traditional metal braces as well as Iconix braces in Grandwood park that blends so well with your natural color teeth that you do not feel shy to open mouth in front of others. When people think of orthodontics, braces is the first word that comes into their mind, but now clear aligners in Grandwood Park is the next best and latest type of treatment which is suitable to most dental issues.

Clear Aligners Treatment in Grandwood Park

Although this method is innovative, it has gained the same popularity. This method involves the use of a series of clear aligners that are invisible and removable. Anyone who wants to avoid the hassles of braces, clear aligners is the best choice for them. It will help you to get the straight teeth that you’ve always wanted.

We make your smiles affordable for you

We understand that orthodontic treatment can be an extra financial burden for many people but we make sure that nothing should come in between your care and treatment therefore we accept all major insurance plans as well as provide low or no down payment options. We create customized payment plans according to your financial position and are tailored to your specific treatment type and goals.

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If you’re confused what type of treatment braces or clear aligners is better for you then give us a call today or book an appointment online to have a meeting with our professional orthodontist. Your consultation with us will help you decide for your treatment as well as for your financial planning.

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