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Orthodontic Experts has some of the best orthodontists in Highland; with the help of the latest treatment options, we provide patients with personalized treatment plans and help everyone achieve their dream smile. Our orthodontist in Highland has years of additional training in the specialty of orthodontics to ensure the best results possible for our patients. People of all ages including children, teens, and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment. The services offered at our Merrillville orthodontic office are all fully customizable, so your smile will be just as unique as you are!

Treatments offered at Orthodontic Experts

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At Orthodontic Experts, our orthodontist in Highland use the latest technology in the orthodontic field including but not limited to, digital 3D dental models, digital X-rays, digital intraoral scanner, paperless charts, modern sterilization techniques, and more for diagnostics, planning, and treatment, so our patients know they are receiving the best care possible. With customized plans, more comfortable, and the latest cosmetic options, we find the perfect fit for you.

Our Popular Treatment Options Include:

Treatments like braces in Highland and Iconix braces are the more visible treatments compared to clear aligners in Highland which consists of invisible braces and conceals your treatments in its clear aligners which are transparent and hardly noticed by others.

Although the time required to complete the treatment and create your dream smile varies depending upon an individual’s specific needs, requirements, and issues because every smile responds differently to the treatment. Usually, an orthodontic treatment shows visible results in between six and 30 months, but in most standard cases, it takes about 22 months.

Orthodontic Experts is home to the highly qualified and experienced team of the best orthodontists in Highland and maintaining the highest quality is their top priority. Our orthodontist in Highland provides quality care at reduced rates. Our board-certified orthodontists review every case individually and recommend the best possible treatment for each smile by considering all the underlying issues, financial capacity, and daily life schedules of the patients.

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To make your beautiful smile affordable for you, we offer various interest-free payment plans and work with all the major insurance providers.

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We love to meet new patients, so explore our website to learn more about Orthodontic Experts and your affordable treatment options. Whether you would like to know if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment or are simply looking for an expert orthodontist in Merrillville near Highland area, our team is here to answer any questions and help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. 

Our complimentary consultation is Free for the first time which includes an in-depth exam and imaging, so our orthodontist High Land team can completely understand your orthodontic needs. Contact our office today to schedule your free appointment!

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