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To have a smile on your face is easy but making others smile can be a bit challenging especially when it comes to appreciate one’s own self. Orthodontic Experts takes this challenge and strives to bring beautiful and dreamy smiles on the faces of the patients facing dental issues and poor oral conditions. Our orthodontists in Itasca show a great level of professionalism and dedication by providing satisfying results. Based on a team of dental board certified members, our best orthodontist in Itasca takes every minor and major problem on a serious note and provides the treatment which results in a beautiful, healthy and happy smile.

orthodontist itasca

Orthodontic experts believes that patient’s satisfaction matters most than our orthodontist in glendale heights near Itasca’s comfort and therefore work hard to keep the treatments within the schedule and budget of the patients. We work to instill confidence so that everyone can celebrate the happy moments of life without any grudge. From braces to clear aligners, nothing is new or difficult for us.

Best Braces Itasca Provider

No matter if it is you or your child, our orthodontist in Itasca is waiting to provide treatment to your impaired smile, uneven teeth, imbalance lip, painful jaws, and all other problems of your mouth stopping you from eating comfortably and smiling beautifully.

Not only braces in Itasca, but we can proudly offer clear aligners treatment in Itasca too.

Traditional Metal Braces in Itasca

Though it is the oldest and well-known treatment type, it is continuously improving with the advancements in technology and patient’s requirements. No doubt, this method works with metallic wires which are not attractive especially to the younger patients so now our teenage patients can have fun changing the color of their braces every time they visit the orthodontist and matches the band color with their dress, eye color, glasses, favorite character and etc.

Iconix Braces Itasca

This is another kind of braces and involves metal but it seems more natural because of its champagne gold color brackets. This color helps them blend well with the natural teeth and make them less visible to others. Iconix braces in Itasca are suitable for all those who wish to flaunt their confidence with the braces.

itasca invisalign

Clear Aligners Itasca

Unlike braces, clear aligners in Itasca is an invisible method of treatment which moves your teeth with the help of clear aligners. These invisible braces in Itasca comprises plastic trays that are customized on the basis of a 3D model image of your mouth and a series of these aligners is worn for a period of almost 12 months.

Your Finances Are Our Concern

Orthodontic experts is excited to provide high quality orthodontic treatment in the affordable treatment cost. We accept most major dental insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Metlife, Humana, Cigna, Guardian, United Healthcare, Medicaid, and more!

Our orthodontist Itasca discusses the treatment options and the financial advisor makes a customized payment plan to help you afford this treatment without bearing any additional cost. We offer first FREE initial consultation to get your treatment plan and financial plan ready.

You can contact us and book your no cost consultation today.

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