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Orthodontic Experts at Libertyville welcomes you at Waukegan, to get your smiles beautiful and straight.

Our orthodontist in Waukegan near Libertyville believes that teeth alignment is possible at any age and takes pride in offering orthodontic services to the patients of all ages. Whether you are looking for a variety in braces or a more advanced treatment method such as clear aligners Libertyville orthodontist offers it all. Orthodontic experts, is the best place to go for any type of treatment you want for yourself or your kid. Our goal is to create and maximize beautiful facial aesthetics and give a cheerful smile on your faces that you’ve always wished for.

Why should you choose orthodontic Experts?

We are one of the largest and well known effective orthodontists in Libertyville which fosters a healthy environment for the patients to get effective treatments but also encourages each staff member to pursue sub-specialization with Waukegan orthodontics thus providing the highest order patient care and attention. Our staff is already a board certified member and adding this sub-specialization is a mark of excellence to our orthodontic services in Libertyville.

We are proud of our best orthodontist in Libertyville for non-extraction orthodontic treatment methods as well as in providing dental braces and invisible braces in Libertyville with professional skills, clear aligners, surgical orthodontics, cleft lip palate treatment and many other treatments.

We understand that visiting a dentist on a regular basis is not possible for professionals therefore we offer customized appointment schedules at early morning and late evening to choose and visit us at your convenience. We also provide an emergency line to help you in urgent orthodontic situations.

Braces in Libertyville

Your smile matters most to us and to keep up with your trust, our Libertyville orthodontist makes every effort to provide you with a good experience of braces in Libertyville. From traditional metal braces to invisible braces, we have all the clear braces options as well as the braces substitutes to provide our patients with multiple options and choosing the best one of them. Traditional metal braces are still the most preferred type and the latest advancements have allowed customization for youngsters to change the color of their braces in their own favorite color each time they visit the dentist.

Clear Aligners Treatment in Libertyville

For all those who are looking for a great smile but without having anyone to take notice, clear aligners is the clearest option. It is a removable, customized, fast, and invisible method of orthodontic treatment which takes you away from the fear of metal wires and brackets. At orthodontic experts, we offer this latest technology treatment with great satisfaction that our orthodontists are expert in providing satisfying results. Using this precise alignment technology, our orthodontists have successfully treated teenagers and the adults even with the complicated cases. Our Libertyville orthodontists are well known clear aligners providers that provide visible results with this invisible technology.

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If you are not sure which treatment type is best suited for you or you want to discuss your dental issues with the dentist, book a free first consultation today. We charge you nothing for your first visit and will be happy to see you at our Libertyville clinic in Waukegan, IL.

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