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We are a house to a professional orthodontist in Rosecrans and strive to provide orthodontic services to the patients of Waukegan by setting high standards of quality treatment. With a decade of experience, we are able to treat patients of all ages from kids to teens and adults. We also understand the difference in requirements of each age group and treat them with special care and attention. If your child has got a crooked tooth, the problem in biting, spaced, or crowded teeth, they might be afraid of going to dentists, but at orthodontic experts of Waukegan, IL we make this experience comfortable and engaging for them. Our friendly staff instills confidence and treats all problems with love and care.

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Orthodontic Treatments in Rosecrans

We offer a free first consultation!

Yes, you read that correctly! When you visit our clinic for the very first time, for a consultation, we charge you nothing. 

Our Rosecrans orthodontist will thoroughly perform a careful e orthodontic examination of your mouth and teeth and suggest a suitable treatment for your needs. You’ll find every orthodontic treatment type which is being practiced in the industry. Besides the traditional methods of metal braces, we also have highly advanced methods including iconix braces or Invisalign clear aligners. We ensure a standard of quality for each method.

Traditional Metal Braces in Rosecrans

Old metal braces are the most preferred, highly effective, and trusted type of orthodontic treatment which involves metal wires putting pressure on your teeth to put them in their proper position. This braces Rosecrans method is getting more popular among teens as they can change the color of their braces according to their wish. This opportunity allows them to make their treatment as colorful as they want. Traditional metal braces are the fastest way of treating malocclusions and spaced teeth.

Invisalign in Rosecrans

Invisalign treatment in Rosecrans is an advanced type of orthodontic treatment that involves invisible clear braces in Rosecrans and makes it nearly impossible for others to know that you are wearing braces. Professionals who are in crucial roles in their careers and cannot afford a change in personalities are considered the best candidate for Invisalign. This is a fast, reliable, removable, and easy to manage the type of orthodontic treatment. However, it could be a bit more expensive than metal braces but the results and convenience are worth the price. 

Other Treatments

In addition to these orthodontic treatments, we also offer interceptive orthodontic treatment, surgical orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, and cleft lip and palate treatment.

Affordable Treatments

Even before initializing a treatment procedure, we discuss in detail all their concerns along with their budgets to come up with a financial plan that is customized and suitable for them. We accept all major insurance plans, low down payment options and extended payment plans to make them as affordable for our patients as much we can.

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If you are confused about which type of treatment is suitable for you, then consulting the experts of orthodontic expert’s orthodontist Sycamore, is the one best thing you can do. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment and let our orthodontist’s help you in deciding. We understand that a smile is important to every person, and we are always striving to provide each patient with outstanding results!

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