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We are now situated in Hales Corners near West Milwaukee to serve the residents with exceptional orthodontist services. We have kept our doors open for people of every age to come and lend help from us. We aim to revert the beautiful smiles of people struggling with misaligned teeth. The orthodontic experts are highly experienced and skilled in tackling different teeth health with the assistance of the innovative appliances present at the clinic.

What do the Orthodontists Experts of West Milwaukee offer to its residents?

Each orthodontist at our clinic believes it is their responsibility to revert the clients’ smiles and let them gain the confidence to smile wider. So far, our orthodontists have made many satisfied patients, including everyone from a teen and kids to adults and older adults. Our clients have experienced the comfortable and easy procedure of administering treatments. Our treatment plans are made by maintaining the affordability for each option of traditional braces, iconix and clear aligners. The patients at our clinic can have a smooth and comfortable experience getting their treatment done without any financial burden.

Directions to our West Milwaukee

Take S 60th St to WI-24 W/W Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee – 8 min (3.0 mi)

Head west on W Mitchell St toward S 52nd St – 0.5 mi

Turn left onto Beloit Rd – 0.4 mi

Turn left onto S 60th St – 2.2 mi

Turn right onto WI-24 W/W Forest Home Ave

Pass by AutoZone Auto Parts (on the left) – 7 min (3.9 mi)

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.2 mi)

Turn right at S Lilac Ln – 308 ft

Turn right – 135 ft

Turn left – 331 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the right – 59 ft

Take Miller Park Way and S 43rd St to WI-24 W/W Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee – 5 min (1.8 mi)

Head east on W Mitchell St toward S 44th St – 0.2 mi

Turn right onto Miller Park Way – 0.6 mi

Continue onto S 43rd St – 1.0 mi

Turn right onto WI-24 W/W Forest Home Ave

Pass by AutoZone Auto Parts (on the left in 1.4 mi) – 10 min (5.2 mi)

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.2 mi)

Turn right at S Lilac Ln – 308 ft

Turn right – 135 ft

Turn left – 331 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the right – 59 ft

Head west on W Mitchell St toward S 52nd St – 1 min (0.5 mi)

Continue on Beloit Rd. Take I-41/I-894 E/US-45 S and S 108th St to W Scharles Ave in Hales Corners – 13 min (6.8 mi)

Turn left onto Beloit Rd – 3.7 mi

Turn left to merge onto I-41/I-894 E/US-45 S – 0.9 mi

Take exit 4 to merge onto I-43 S/US-45 S toward Beloit – 0.8 mi

Use the left lane to take exit 60 toward US-45 S/WI-100 S/S 108th St – 0.2 mi

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-45 S/WI-100 S and merge onto US-45 S/WI-100 S/S 108th St – 0.5 mi

Continue straight onto S 108th St – 0.7 mi

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.1 mi)

Turn left onto W Scharles Ave – 190 ft

Turn right – 197 ft

Turn left – Destination will be on the left – 374 ft

West Milwaukee, WI to Hales Corners

Treatment Options

Orthodontist West Milwaukee offers

If you think you have wasted plenty of years without getting your teeth fixed, it is no use bringing it done at this age; so you are thinking it wrong. It would be best to get your orthodontic treatment done at any age and any time you are at because you also have the right to live with a beautiful smile. We are working in such a friendly environment that you won’t hesitate to come to us, and we know how to give you the best treatment in a fun oriented way. So, look at the treatment options available at our clinic for you.

Traditional Metal Braces

The effective treatment for correcting crooked, crowded, misaligned teeth and other jaw problems is to get the traditional braces on. These braces are made up of a Metal bracket with a wire attached, and this combination is stuck to the disturbed alignment of teeth via an orthodontic adhesive. The traditional metal braces will further help you maintain your oral health after the treatment, and since it is a standard treatment for aligning the teeth, it is being opted by a maximum number of people in West Milwaukee.

Iconix Braces

The Iconix braces are the commonly used braces in West Milwaukee. The reason being used widely is the sophisticated design and durability of the braces. Since the braces are made of stainless steel and are champagne in color with some touch of "white gold" in them, there is no way the braces will lose their color or get stained until the completion of the treatment. So, to maintain the style till the end of treatment, people opt to get these braces attached to the front surface of the teeth.

Clear Aligners

The orthodontist experts have introduced clear aligners in West Milwaukee after considering the resident's needs. A significant number of people living in this village are much concerned about their looks during orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners is helping people to stay in their style and get their teeth fixed, as it consists of transparent trays that people wear on their teeth to align them. Though these braces won't be a good fix in severe oral health cases, these aligners work best for other typical issues. Unlike others, these braces are easy to wear and remove by users. Also, clear aligners are made customized e for each one of the patients as per their oral health.

Economical Orthodontic

treatment for you

We never wanted the people reaching out to us to step back after listening to the cost of our treatments and change their minds about getting their orthodontic treatment done. It is evident that maintaining oral health is essential, and to be on that, one should consider getting orthodontic treatment if needed by his teeth. So, to ease the trouble of our patients and lower their stress levels, we have kept our prices as affordable as possible so that no one can skip the decision to get their treatment done. We also have some significant in-house payment methods, which include the monthly installment plans to pay back the cost incurred for the treatment, and even the health insurance plans are also being accepted so that the patients who are already enrolled in these plans can take the complete advantage of it. Though, no matter how much effort we put in to lessen your burden, remember we won’t compromise on the quality of our services to the patients.

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