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Orthodontic Experts believes that in order to provide the most successful orthodontic treatment, our patients must have a smooth braces journey and be 110% satisfied with the final results. Whether you are looking for treatment for yourself or your child, Orthodontic Experts can assure you that we treat patients of all ages with the best orthodontic care and we offer a variety of the best braces options in the West Lawn community. Not only do we have the most dedicated team, but our board certified staff are the best orthodontist in West Lawn. In fact, our orthodontists have received the highest t required education, knowledge and expertise in order to practice the best orthodontic care to our patients. We understand that our patients may have financial concerns when exploring their orthodontic options which is why we offer competitive rates that make a big difference between us and others in the community.

What do the Orthodontists in West Lawn offer to the community?

Not only does Orthodontic Experts have a team of certified professionals, but our labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment that allow us to provide high quality orthodontic treatment  for braces to clear aligners in West Lawn. We use all of the latest technologies including digital radiography, intraoral scanning with the iTero digital scanner and computer aided treatment planning to achieve increased treatment efficiency, aesthetics and comfort while creating spectacular smiles. Each patient has different needs and we tailor our braces treatment in West Lawn to the specific requirements of individual patients.

Directions to our West Lawn

Head east on W 63rd St toward S Pulaski Rd – 1.0 mi
Turn left onto S Kedzie Ave – Pass by Wendy’s (on the right in 0.7 mi) – 1.6 mi
Turn left – 161 ft
Turn right – 59 ft
Turn left – 226 ft
Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 72 ft

Head east on S Pulaski Rd toward S Pulaski Rd – 1.0 mi
Turn right onto W 55th St – 1.0 mi
Turn left onto S Kedzie Ave – 0.6 mi
Turn left – 161 ft
Turn right – 59 ft
Turn left – 226 ft
Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 72 ft

West Lawn, IL to Kedzie

Treatment Options

Orthodontist West Lawn offers

Whether it is about you, your child or a friend or family member y; Orthodontic Experts has options for everyone and personalizes them for everyone’s specific needs of orthodontic treatment. Check out all the braces treatment options offered at Orthodontic Experts today.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces in West Lawn are the most visible braces option than other braces, and consist of metal wires and brackets and work faster to straighten teeth. This option is more fun now for teenagers since they are able to customize them with a variety of color bands on each visit. Not only are you able to customize and accessorize with colorful bands, but traditional braces also cost less than other advanced methods.

Iconix Braces

Iconix braces, also known as clear braces, are an advanced braces option which involve stainless steel attachments that aret less visible than metal braces. It sounds like a perfect braces type for those who cannot compromise on their aesthetic needs. Rather than the silver metal color, these have a rose gold color that naturally blends in with one's teeth making it less visible for others to see. The cost of clear braces is higher due to the aesthetic reasons and it is equally favored by adults and kids.

Clear Aligners

Although metal braces are a very trusted and effective type of orthodontic treatment, clear aligners is an alternative favorite in West Lawn for its trustworthy results. Unlike braces in West Lawn, clear aligners is a clear disk that is easily removable, customized and effective to straighten your teeth without the flashiness of braces. Since this is a newer type of orthodontic care, the price of clear aligners can be more expensive in comparison to other orthodontic options.

Orthodontic Treatment

options in your budget

We offer a variety of financial options to help you financially for the orthodontic treatment option of your choice. We accept all major insurance plans and we also can put customized financial plans together so you can make easy monthly installments with a low Down Payment, in-house interest free financing and extended payment plans. During the initial consultation, all the financial options are communicated to the client with the best treatment plans. We make every effort to make braces affordable for you.

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