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Common orthodontic problems

Uncovering the Most Common Orthodontic Problems with Orthodontic Experts

Experience superior orthodontic treatment with the expertise at Orthodontic Experts and get to the root of the most common orthodontic problems quickly and easily. Our specialized team has the experience and knowledge needed to uncover the source of crooked teeth, diastema, midline shift, and other common orthodontic problems.

Through consultations and evaluations, our highly trained orthodontists assess individual conditions and develop a custom treatment plan that fits the patient’s lifestyle. Our in-depth research and extensive experience provide a comprehensive view of the causes and solutions to orthodontic issues. With our expertise in the latest orthodontic technologies, we help make your journey to a perfect smile smoother than ever. Don’t endure orthodontic issues any longer – let us deal with your orthodontic needs and get your teeth looking healthier in no time.

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common orthodontic problems

Explore the Different Types of Orthodontic Problems

Having a beautiful, straight smile can not only make you look great – but also do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. But what happens when teeth aren’t properly aligned? And how can an orthodontist diagnose and treat these problems? Let’s take a closer look at the different types of orthodontic problems:

overbite teeth


Overbite, also known as Class II malocclusion, is a orthodontic issue characterized by an increased vertical overlap of the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth. It can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, thumb sucking, or abnormally large upper teeth. Overbite can cause a wide range of problems, from a gummy smile to problems with speech and eating. It can also lead to jaw joint pain and headaches.

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Underbite is a Class III malocclusion in which the lower teeth protrude outward beyond the upper teeth. It can be caused by an overgrowth of the lower jaw, missing upper teeth, or a combination of both.  However, it can be corrected by orthodontic treatment, maxillofacial surgery, or a combination of both. Underbite correction can dramatically improve facial appearance and function, and can make it much easier to chew, speak, and smile.

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underbite teeth
crooked teeth

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can occur due to improper positioning of teeth during eruption, or due to excessive jaw development. These issues can contribute to a wide range of other problems, such as dental decay, halitosis, and periodontal disease. Orthodontic Experts can provide effective treatment to correct these problems and provide realignment.

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Crossbite is a type of malocclusion, which is an abnormal positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed. It is characterized by misalignment that occurs when one or more upper teeth are located outside the lower teeth. It can affect the front or back teeth, or both. In severe cases, the condition can cause problems like jaw pain and tooth wear.

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crossbite teeth
crowding teeth


Crowding is one of the most common orthodontic problems patients encounter. This occurs when there is not enough room for permanent teeth to erupt, leading to displacement of the teeth and misalignment of the smile line. Overlapping teeth, impaction, and rotation are all signs of crowding. Orthodontic Experts can help relieve the discomfort associated with this problem and provide effective treatment.

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Deep bite

Deep bite is a dental condition in which the lower front teeth bite over the upper front teeth. It is also known as ‘overbite’ or ‘reverse overjet’. Deep bite is a very common condition that is caused by incorrect jaw alignment, large lower jaw, or by the teeth themselves growing too far out of the jawbone. It can also be caused by mouth-breathing or thumb-sucking habits in early childhood.

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deep bite teeth
open bite teeth

Open bite

Open bite is a dental condition where the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap when the jaws are closed. This condition is usually caused by abnormal habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and lip biting. Open bite can also be due to genetic, developmental or environmental factors. People with open bite may have difficulty in biting and chewing food, and they may also have an aesthetic issue.

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Excessive Spacing

Excessive spacing between teeth occurs when gaps appear between teeth due to issues such as missing bone support. This issue may not be as serious as crowding, but can still lead to modification of facial muscles and imbalance. Orthodontic Experts can help correct this issue and restore a properly aligned smile.

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excessive spacing teeth
abnormal eruption

Abnormal Eruption

Abnormal teeth eruption is a condition when the teeth grow in an odd pattern or out of order. It can cause a variety of issues like crooked teeth, crowding, and difficulty in cleaning. It is usually caused by genetics, trauma, or improper jaw development. In some cases, it can be treated with braces or surgery. However, if left untreated, it can lead to serious oral health issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a common problem that affects people of all ages. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as aging, dental decay, or gum disease. Missing teeth can have a huge impact on one’s confidence and self-esteem, as well as their eating and speaking ability. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments that can help restore the appearance of your smile. Visit Orthodontic Experts for a consultation, so we can offer the best solution for you.

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missing teeth
midline deviation

Midline Deviation

Midline Deviation is a term used to describe the abnormal lateral (side-to-side) alignment of the teeth and jaws of the upper and lower arch. It is usually caused by an uneven bite, an uneven jaw size, or an abnormal jaw position. It can cause a wide range of dental and orthodontic problems including malocclusion, TMJ pain, and uneven tooth wear. Midline deviation can be corrected with proper treatment and care, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing smile and improved oral health.

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Diagnosing and Preventing Orthodontic Problems Before They Get Worse!

Are you worried about evolving orthodontic problems? Orthodontic Experts has got you covered! Our team of experts specializes in diagnosing and providing appropriate preventive measures against common orthodontic problems. With our guidance, you can learn signs and symptoms of orthodontic issues, have access to tips for early prevention and experience procedures for diagnosing potential problems before they get worse. Let Orthodontic Experts be your trusted guide in making sure your smile stays healthy and strong.

affordable solution to straightening your teeth

Discover How We Treat Your Orthodontic Problems

At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that orthodontic problems can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to address your unique orthodontic needs. We offer a personalized approach to treating your orthodontic problems. Our experienced team of orthodontists and highly trained team of specialists will be with you every step of the way.

Our Traditional Metal Braces provide an effective and affordable solution to straightening your teeth and correcting any problems with bite and alignment. For look conscious individuals, Gold Braces are a popular choice that can discreetly correct your teeth for a natural look. And, our Clear Aligners offer a simple and effective solution to improve your smile.

We offer no-cost initial consultation services to ensure that the right solution is chosen to best meet your individual needs and to provide you with the most effective treatment. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and will always strive to meet your orthodontic needs in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

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Solve Your Orthodontic Problems with Orthodontic Experts

Are you struggling with orthodontic problems and looking for expert help? Look no further than Orthodontic Experts! Our team of experts will help identify the problem and offer the best possible treatment to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you are looking for suggestions on braces, the latest techniques in teeth straightening, or need a Clear Aligner professional, our team at Orthodontic Experts will provide you with the best care around. Schedule a free no-cost appointment at our pristine clinic near you and get the highest quality of care by our trained and experienced orthodontists.

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