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Orthodontist Belmont Cragin

Highly Qualified Specialist Orthodontist Belmont Cragin

At Orthodontic Experts Avondale Chicago, we are committed to providing the utmost care for our patients, creating beautiful smiles, maximizing dental functions, and achieving the best results possible. Your Belmont Cragin orthodontist is fully accredited and solely specializes in treating our patients exclusively using the most advanced techniques available. Our orthodontist in Belmont Cragin cares for both adults and children as individuals and enjoys creating trusting relationships during the course of treatment and post-treatment care.

Children’s Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontist in Belmont Cragin

According to The American Association of Orthodontists, by age 7, the back adult molars start to erupt. This gives our Belmont Cragin orthodontist an idea of what treatment may be necessary. Braces might be the most common type of treatment, but there are some other options that can be used too. For example, structured plates and fixed frames are some other more complex treatment options. These are related specifically to the needs of your child’s teeth and surrounding bone structure.

Adult Orthodontics in Belmont Cragin

Today more and more adults are choosing to undergo Orthodontic treatment in Belmont Cragin. It’s never too late to start your journey toward a beautiful and healthy smile with our Belmont Cragin orthodontist. The orthodontic treatment options for adults include a variety of braces, and Invisalign, Invisalign teen.

Types of Braces in Belmont Cragin

The latest advancements in Orthodontics has transformed braces into being far less obvious and much more discreet than the old fashioned metal braces. These days there are a number of treatment options catering to the orthodontic needs of adults. Your Belmont Cragin Orthodontist offers both metal and clear ceramic braces, so you know you have the choice of having traditional braces or the more aesthetic ceramic braces.

Orthodontist Belmont Cragin

Clear Ceramic Braces in Belmont Cragin

Clear Ceramic Braces are almost the same as traditional metal type, except they are practically clear. Usually, Clear Ceramic Braces are slightly larger than metal braces but aesthetically more attractive. They are popular among adult patients, who want their teeth straightened but don’t want it to be too obvious. Our orthodontists in Belmont Cragin offer clear and tooth colored options to blend in with the brackets making it more discreet.

Lingual Braces in Belmont Cragin

One of the most popular types of braces among adult people is lingual braces. These braces are placed behind the teeth making it complete invisible for others. Lingual Braces in Belmont Cragin are an ideal solution for almost any type of orthodontic problem.

Invisalign Treatment in Belmont Cragin

For some adults, Invisalign may be an option. Invisalign is a series of plastic made clear aligners that are practically invisible to the untrained eye. Invisalign treatment in Belmont Cragin is a clear, comfortable and almost invisible alternative to braces. It is a versatile solution and suitable for almost anyone who wants to straighten their smile.

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