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Our orthodontists have spent additional years of training and only specialize in orthodontics. Each orthodontist is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Yaroslav Yarmolyuk


“For me, orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. Orthodontics is the way of helping my patients to improve their lives by giving them a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile. Orthodontic treatment changes lives by making patients’ smiles more attractive and significantly improving their confidence and self-esteem. I am proud to be able to provide orthodontic treatment to the residents of Arlington Heights and neighboring areas,” says Arlington Heights’ orthodontist, Dr. Yarmolyuk.

After completing his undergraduate studies in Biology, Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), College of Dentistry, where he received extensive theoretical and clinical training in dentistry. During his studies at UIC, Dr. Yarmolyuk obtained a Bachelor of Science in Dentistry and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees. Dr. Yarmolyuk was involved in a variety of research and leadership activities and is a recipient of multiple honors and awards.

After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Yarmolyuk continued his training at Marquette University post-graduate orthodontic residency. This intense full-time, two-year training in orthodontics and craniofacial orthopedics prepared him to treat even the most challenging orthodontic cases. Dr. Yarmolyuk constantly increases his knowledge and keeps up with the new techniques and advances in the field of orthodontics by attending professional meetings and continuing education courses. Dr. Yarmolyuk holds a specialty dental license in orthodontics. Dr. Yarmolyuk resides in the Northwest suburbs with his wife, son and daughter.

Department of Developmental Sciences, Orthodontic Residency

Certificate in Orthodontics
Master of Science in Oral Biology

College of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Bachelor in Dental Science

Professional Memberships:

American Dental Association (2006-2012)
American Association of Orthodontists
Illinois Society of Orthodontists



Cleidy Arboleda


“Studying Orthodontics has allowed me to tangibly see the difference that you can make in someone’s life, whether big or small. Giving someone the confidence to smile with pride is a privilege. I know something as simple as a healthy and beautiful smile can mean an improved outlook on life,” says Dr. Arboleda.

Dr. Arboleda was born and raised in Colombia, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and a degree as specialist in Orthodontics. She moved to Chicago in 2009 and after three years of residency, Dr. Arboleda received her Master of Science degree in Oral Sciences and Certificate of Orthodontics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2015, Dr. Arboleda became a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics. Only 25% of all orthodontist go through the rigorous testing process to become board certified and Dr. Cleidy is one of them!

Dr. Arboleda and her husband reside in Glenview Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Professional Affiliations:

  • The American Association of Orthodontists
  • The Illinois Society of Orthodontists
  • The American Dental Association
  • The Chicago Dental Society


  • English
  • Spanish

Inna Sydorak


Dr. Inna Sydorak was born and raised in Ukraine. She and her family immigrated to New York City back in 2003. While in New York she earned her undergraduate degree in Economics at Hunter College where she was a participant of its Honors Program from which she graduated with the highest Summa Cum Laude distinction. She went on to complete her dental training at Columbia University where she was at the top of her class. Dr. Sydorak obtained her specialty degree in Orthodontics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her thesis work on bone biology and tooth movement has won a research award and is currently being reviewed for publishing in a scientific journal.

Dr. Sydorak could not be happier in Chicago. Between creating smiles, reading her favorite books, jogging by the beautiful Lake Michigan, and enjoying everything else that this amazing city has to offer, you will always see her smiling as she enjoys the work she does and always strives to deliver her best!


Brian LaBlonde


“I do not have an orthodontic philosophy. I think that every person is unique and should receive his or her own individualized treatment plan. I want to provide my patients with the best care possible, and newer treatments are continuously being developed.” says Dr. LaBlonde.

Raj Desai

Raj Desai


Dr. Raj Desai grew up in Edison, New Jersey, the birthplace of the light bulb. He traveled across the Hudson River to New York City where he graduated with honors from New York University with a B.A. in Biology and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University. Raj then headed to the west coast, completing a general practice residency at the San Diego VA Hospital.

Apart from school, Dr. Desai enjoys spending time with family and friends, visiting museums, watching films, playing basketball and tennis, and exploring the latest and greatest attractions in the city of Chicago. His post graduation plans include entering private practice and helping advance the profession through teaching.

My orthodontic mission is to provide outstanding, patient-driven care in a community-based setting that embodies the highest ideal of service where our patients and their families feel comfortable.

Having been through a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum at UIC Orthodontics, I am proud of the academic and clinical training I have received. Exposed to a wide variety of treatment philosophies and techniques, I have treated a clinical roster of 90 patients and observed far more of my co-residents’ orthodontic cases. I have executed comprehensive, surgical, limited, and phase-one plans with a variety of bracket systems, clear aligners, including Invisalign, TADs, functional orthopedic devices, and soft tissue laser therapy. After shadowing several providers, I am confident incorporating my knowledge in a private practice—and I look forward to learning in an effort to grow as a clinician and human being.

Dr. Sediqzad

Dr. Sediqzad


Dr. Sediqzad grew up in Overland Park, Kansas. In her hometown, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in 2008 at the University of Kansas. Dr. Sediqzad finds it so rewarding being part of a profession that allows her to transform smiles, and ultimately lives.

What made Dr. Sediqzad want to be an orthodontist?  Dr. Sediqzad mentions that it is a fun atmosphere, fast-paced and that she considers creating each smile like solving a puzzle. The precision and planning behind treating each patient are as satisfying as viewing the final outcome. 

Where did Dr. Sediqzad earn her degrees? 

  • University of Kansas- Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in 2008
  • University of Maryland- Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2012
  • University of Colorado- Master of Science in Dentistry and Certificate in Orthodontics in 2015

Dr. Sediqzad is fluent in English, Spanish, Dari/ Farsi.

Where can I find Dr. Sediqzad? You can find her at our Rockford clinic, located at 5051 E State Street Rockford, IL 61108. 

Ammar Alsamawi

Ammar Alsamawi


Dr. Alsamawi grew up in Baghdad, Iraq and now he calls Iowa City, Iowa home.

“I’ve always wanted to be a dentist since I was a kid. When I was in dental school I loved orthodontics because of the happy general atmosphere in the clinic and the fact that orthodontists improve people’s lives and give them confidence,” says Dr. Alsamawi.

Road cycling is a major leisure and sport activity for Dr. Alsamawi in the summer. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and he loves skiing in the winter.

“I’m excited to join the Orthodontic Experts team. I look forward to sharing my experience working with patients of all ages and my passion for orthodontics and I am excited to learn from the Orthodontic Experts team and continue to develop personally and professionally.”

He speaks both Arabic and English.

Where did Dr. Alsamawi earn his degrees from? 

  • Undergraduate: University of Iowa
  • Dental school: University of Iowa
  • Residency: Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine
Jonathan Rakstang

Jonathan Rakstang


Dr. Rakstang is originally from Oak Park, IL. He had braces as a teenager and appreciates the benefits of orthodontic treatment. He enjoys creating beautiful, healthy smiles for his patients and having a positive impact on their lives, just as his orthodontist did for him! He is excited to move back home to Chicago to be closer to his family and to join the Orthodontic Experts team!

Dr. Rakstang is looking forward to providing great patient care and transforming smiles so his patients look and feel their best!

During his free time, Dr. Rakstang plays guitar and enjoys traveling and bicycling.

Where did Dr. Rakstang earn his degrees from? 

  • Dental School and Orthodontic Residency: University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
  • General Practice Residency: VA Hospital, Denver, CO
  • Bachelor’s Degree with a major in biochemistry and a minor in chemistry: University of Colorado at Boulder,


  • English
  • Some Spanish
Eun Sang Moon

Eun Sang Moon


“Happy patients are the driving force of my career and I would like to continue changing people’s lives.”

Dr. Moon’s favorite thing about orthodontics is the long-term relationships with patients. He enjoys talking to them and getting to know all of them.

Where did Dr. Moon earn his degrees from? 

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery- The Ohio State University 
  • Orthodontic Residency- The Ohio State University 

Dr. Moon is fluent in English and Korean.

Brian Reyes


Dr. Reyes grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In his hometown, he completed his training where Dr. Reyes was a partner in a group orthodontic practice for over 14 years before moving to Chicago to experience the beautiful Windy City life and be closer to his family.

What made Dr. Reyes want to be an orthodontist?  When Dr. Reyes was a kid, he loved to fix things, even going so far as to take things apart just to see how all of the pieces fit together to make it work. He wasn’t personally great about wearing his orthodontic appliances for the required number of hours. However, Dr. Reyes was fascinated by how the headgear, expanders, and rubber bands applied force to alter the position of his teeth. He even often helped his friends put their headgear and elastics in properly because it made sense to him about what direction the teeth were supposed to move. Dr. Reyes is drawn to the precision and complexity involved in creating beautiful and functional smiles. 

“I love the challenge of creating treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and goals of an individual.” – Dr. Reyes DDS, MS 

Where did Dr. Reyes earn his degrees from? 

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology- The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery- The University of Michigan School of Dentistry 
  • Master of Science in Orthodontics- The University of Michigan (Served as Class President and Chief Resident) 

Dr. Reyes is fluent in English. 

Where can I find Dr. Reyes? You can find him at our Pilsen clinic, located at 1719 W. 18th Street Chicago, IL 60608. 

Nipa Patel


Dr. Patel was born in India and grew up in sunny San Diego, California. Her ethnicity is East Indian. Besides English, she speaks Hindi and Gujarati. Dr. Patel has an incredible twenty-year journey driven by an immense passion for oral healthcare. She started as a certified dental assistant, then became a dental hygienist, and continued her journey to become a dentist and an orthodontist soon thereafter.

Dr. Patel believes a smile is the best accessory anybody can wear. What she finds most rewarding about her career is creating beautiful smiles leading to greater confidence overall and a sense of well-being. Dr. Patel connects with the patients on a personal level, often building everlasting bonds and motivating them to go out into the world to make a difference. With a confident smile.

Dr. Patel’s goal for each patient is to enhance their smile aesthetics and ultimately the quality of life. As each patient is different, she thoroughly considers various treatment options for each patient and then creates the best and the most effective treatment plan to move forward with. Before commencing treatment, she explains each treatment option in detail to the patient and proceeds only after the patient is comfortable.

According to Dr. Patel, the most exciting part of joining Orthodontic Experts is that OE’s mission and values align with hers. At OE, the patients are the priority and are treated with care and respect. Dr. Patel believes in making the treatment fun and exciting for each patient, and OE is the best place to bring such positivity in the treatment approach.

Dr. Patel keeps up with the latest research and trends in orthodontics by participating in continuing education courses and national conferences.

She is a member of the following committees:

• American Association of Orthodontics
• American Dental Association


A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Mesa, AZ

• Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Master’s in Public Health (MPH)
• Certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics along with a Certificate in Health Education.

Dr. Patel likes to explore different cultures and cuisines and her passion for traveling has taken her to twenty countries so far, and she plans to cover many more. Dr. Patel’s loves hiking and outdoor activities, being from the west coast; Dr. Patel is out in nature any opportunity she gets. Above all, she loves to spend time with her husband, family members, and friends.

Where can I find Dr. Patel? You can find her at our Joliet and Aurora clinic creating dream smiles!

Diana Torres


“I decided to become an orthodontist because I went through orthodontic treatment when I was younger and it felt it changed my life. I became confident with my smile and was amazed by what an orthodontist could do for someone. I also realized I would be passionate to provide the same happiness for someone else. I treat every patient with the care I once received, and I enjoy every aspect of it!”

Dr. Diana Torres is originally from Colombia, where she received her degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She then moved to the United States to continue her education and attended Boston University. Dr. Torres graduated with high honors as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and received the OKU Chapter Award of Excellence. She continued her training at Boston University and completed her residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Dr. Torres is excited to be in Chicago and join us at Orthodontic Experts.

When Dr. Torres isn’t at the office, she can be found exploring the city, painting, and spending time with family and friends.



  • English
  • Spanish

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