Wisconsin Public Aid Braces

Wisconsin Public Aid Braces

Public Aid Braces Wisconsin State Dental Insurance Program

Public aid is a government-funded health care coverage plan available to all low-income families and those individuals residing in Wisconsin. These programs include dental care for kids and might assist in paying for orthodontic treatment such as braces, clear aligners, and more. The dental program is administered by DentaQuest.

Does Public Aid Cover Braces in Wisconsin?

Public Aid Braces Wisconsin

Yes, braces are covered under the public aid insurance program. However, not all kids are covered so a pre-approval from administrators is required for all patients to have braces before an orthodontist can start treatment. Only those children who have a Salzmann index of 24 or higher will qualify for orthodontic treatment which includes braces and clear aligners. This index indicates the severity of the orthodontic issue and patient’s need for braces. Only phase II orthodontic treatments are covered under public aid, therefore it is necessary that your child has lost all of their baby teeth.

How Do I Know if My Child Qualifies For Public Aid?

To find out if you qualify, you must visit an orthodontic office for an initial orthodontic consultation. At Orthodontic Experts, we offer complimentary consultations. During this time, our orthodontist will evaluate your child and will let you know if they qualify to have the necessary records (photographs, models of teeth, X-ray images) submitted to the public aid office for pre-approval. If your child qualifies, we will submit these records to the Public Aid office.

Your initial orthodontic consultation and necessary records are done without any charge. Once an orthodontic case is submitted for pre-approval, it normally takes 3-4 weeks for the case to be evaluated by the administrator at the public aid office. Depending on whether your child is approved or denied for orthodontic treatment, our staff will contact you with the next steps.

Public Aid Braces Near Me in Wisconsin

If you wish to learn more about public aid braces in Wisconsin, you can visit our office or call us today to book a free consultation and we will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding public aid in Wisconsin.