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Ohio Medicaid Insurance

Are you wondering what Medicaid insurance is and how it can help you access the care and treatments you need for a healthy, confident smile? At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that health insurance can be confusing. That’s why we want to provide you with a quick overview of Medicaid insurance in Ohio so you can make well-informed decisions about your smile.
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What is Medicaid Insurance Ohio?

Medicaid is a federal and state-funded health program. It’s designed to help low-income adults and children who meet specific income requirements get essential healthcare. In Ohio, Medicaid coverage is available to individuals with detailed financial and medical criteria.

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Medicaid insurance in Ohio can be used to cover a variety of health services. This includes dental care, prescription drugs, outpatient care, hospital care, and more. Regarding orthodontic treatment, Medicaid insurance in Ohio can be used to cover braces, retainers, headgear, and other necessary treatments for a healthy, confident smile.

At Orthodontic Experts, many of our services are covered by Medicaid insurance for adults and children. This means that, depending on your income, you can get the orthodontic treatments you need without breaking the bank.

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Who is eligible for the Ohio Medicaid program?

Most individuals who are residents of Ohio and whose income is at or below certain levels are eligible to receive Medicaid benefits. To be eligible, you must be one of the following:

  • Adults over 65 years of age
  • Under Healthy Start or Healthy Families, Medicaid covers low-income families, children up to 19 years old, and pregnant women.
  • Families with children under age 18 who participate in the Ohio Works First cash assistance program
  • Disabled or blind individuals
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Individuals need to apply for Medicaid through their county office to determine eligibility. During the application process, Medicaid considers an individual’s or family’s income and assets, age, disability status, and relationship to dependent children. Once approved for Medicaid, an individual may be eligible for additional benefits such as long-term care services and certain medications.

It is essential to know that there are occasional changes in Medicaid eligibility, so it is important to review information regularly to stay up to date. If you believe you may be eligible for Medicaid in Ohio, don’t hesitate to apply. The application process is simple and can be done online or with the help of a local county office.

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Medicaid insurance for Child in Ohio

Unlock Access to Affordable Orthodontic Care for Your Children

Secure Their Future with Medicaid

Children in Ohio who meet certain financial and medical criteria might qualify for Medicaid. This is a great way to ensure your kids get the orthodontic care they need at a price you can afford. To determine if your child qualifies for Medicaid insurance in Ohio, you’ll need to contact County Job and Family Services. A representative can provide specific information about qualifications and how to apply or reapply for Medicaid coverage. It’s also important to note that even if Medicaid already covers your child, you may still need to make co-payments for your orthodontic treatments.
At Orthodontic Experts, we want to ensure you have access to the orthodontic care you need. That’s why we accept a variety of payment options, including Medicaid insurance in Ohio. We can help you verify that your child is on Medicaid coverage, find out about potential co-payments for orthodontic treatment, and answer any other questions about getting the care you need.
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Are braces covered by Medicaid in Ohio?

For individuals living in Ohio under the age of 21, Medicaid does provide coverage for braces in determining cases. It’s important to remember that Medicaid requires prior authorization from the State before giving coverage for braces.

The cost of braces can be prohibitive for many, but Medicaid can help make them more accessible in extreme cases. If you find yourself in these circumstances, you may be able to get some relief from Medicaid. If you’re wondering if you’re eligible for braces under Medicaid, you should first contact your local Medicaid office. They will be able to provide you with detailed information on eligibility, coverage, and costs.

At Orthodontic Experts, we’re committed to making braces more accessible to those who need them. We have experience helping patients secure coverage through Medicaid, and we can help you do the same. For more information on eligibility and coverage, contact our team today.

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Are clear aligners covered by Medicaid in Ohio?

If your treatment is a medical necessity, there is a strong chance that you may be approved for Medicaid coverage for Clear Aligners. It’s important to remember that Medicaid coverage for orthodontic treatment may be limited and does not necessarily cover all associated costs. You may be required to pay for out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to the cost of the aligners, lab fees, and monthly aligner checkups.
At Orthodontic Experts, we recommend speaking with your Medicaid provider in advance to learn more about Medicaid coverage in Ohio and to discuss your treatment plan. If you are still determining your eligibility, contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more about our coverage plans. We are here to help answer any questions and ensure you get the care you need.
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Discover the Top Ohio Medicaid Provider

Quality Care and Expert Advice!

At Orthodontic Experts, we strive to serve our patients in the best way possible and ensure they have access to quality care when needed. As part of this, we offer coverage for certain orthodontic treatments through Ohio Medicaid. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find a plan that is easily affordable to you, so you can get the care that you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Book your no-cost initial appointment with Orthodontic Experts today to experience the best orthodontic care in Ohio!
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