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Limited Orthodontic Treatment

When it comes to Teeth Aligner Options, Clearly We’re The Experts!

  • Fix your smile in no time
  • Results driven by specialists
  • Invisible treatment that is time efficient
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Get your clear aligners online

Have you ever thought of getting Clear Aligners online but were not sure how exactly it would work without seeing a specialist?

How about fixing that one crooked tooth that has been bothering you forever?
If so, we have a solution for you. Limited orthodontic treatment is now available at Orthodontic Experts. This treatment is available for a reasonable fee, monitored by a specialist, tailored to your specific needs and time efficient. Limited treatment options offer a way of improving your smile in a way that suits you best. If you have had previous orthodontic treatment and now are looking for minor adjustments to your tooth alignment, the limited option is for you. We now offer Touch Up and Refresh limited treatment options to fix minor crowding, spacing or when your teeth have relapsed after previous orthodontic treatment. It is an orthodontist guided treatment, with fewer visits, at a reasonable fee. It is not a network of random doctors and endless hours spent on the phone waiting for customer service. You will have direct access to a specialist who will see you face-to-face, answer your questions, and monitor your treatment.
With our limited treatment you get it all: less time spent in the office, lower cost, and specialist directed treatment.
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Reasons to Consider Limited Orthodontic Treatment

Does insurance cover Limited Treatment?

Every insurance is different and not all of them do. We would need to submit a pre-authorization to your insurance to get an actual insurance contribution. You don’t have to wait on hold with the insurance to get the answer, we will get it for you. If you provide your insurance information at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, we will have an estimate to review with you during the consultation. Pre-authorizations however can take up to 3-4 weeks to receive.

What if after a consultation it is determined that I am not a candidate?

No worries, we have other options available and if price is a concern we have plenty of payment options to fit your budget.

Still not clear on the process and have more questions?

Come in for a No-Cost consultation where we will take x-rays, go over the treatment options with the orthodontist and meet with our treatment coordinator to go over the financial options. We do digital impressions, which means no gooey impression material, and no need for a DIY kit! We have treated over 10,000 patients and will find a treatment that will work best for you.

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Digital Impressions

Easy and quick, no gooey impressions or DIY kits

Lower Cost

Reduced treatment cost due to minor alterations and fewer appointments.

Time Efficient

By targeting the specific area of the patient’s mouth, treatment period is shortened.

Results Driven by Specialist

Treatment that is created and guided by an orthodontist, not online

Smile Correction Packages

Touch Up

3-5 Months

Includes Up to:
  • 20 Aligners
  • 1 Refinement

Great for minor relapse, spacing, or crowding. May include lite IPR or few attachments.


6-8 Months

Includes Up to:
  • 28 Aligners
  • 1 Refinement

Corrects lIte crowding or spacing, may include some IPR and attachments.

Additional refinements are $750. | Touch Up 8: Refresh do not include bite correction. Upgrade available to the next limited or comprehensive plan. | Limited treatment options include 3M Clarity Aligners. | All include a free set of Essix Retainers for upper & lower arches.

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