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Braces Emergencies

Get Quick Relief for Your Braces Emergency with Our Expert Orthodontic Care

Nobody wants to have a braces emergency, but unfortunately, they do happen. Whether you wear Traditional Metal Braces or Gold Braces, you may find yourself in an unexpected orthodontic emergency—one that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any long-term damage.
At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that these emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. That’s why we have emergency orthodontists available to help you address your problem quickly and efficiently so that you can return to smiling with confidence in no time.

What Is Considered As Braces Emergencies

Are you or any of your family members wearing braces? Did you know that there are certain situations considered braces emergencies? If so, Orthodontic Experts is here to help!

Our orthodontists are experienced in dealing with braces emergencies and can provide the best solutions for any orthodontic problems. Some of the common braces emergency scenarios include:

  • Broken bracket on the braces
  • Lost orthodontic wire or band
  • Soft tissue irritation due to poking wires
  • Broken or lost ligatures
  • Food stuck in braces causing pain
  • Painful tooth sensitivity due to brackets or wires.

If you experience any of these issues, don’t wait too long before seeking professional advice. Our experienced orthodontists from Orthodontic Experts can provide fast solutions through our various offices located in various locations. Plus, we offer affordable treatment options and so you don’t have to worry about heavy upfront costs.

Contact us as soon as possible if you are dealing with a braces emergency so we can provide solutions and alleviate any discomfort as soon as possible!

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Braces Emergencies

What Should I Do During A Braces Emergency?

Having to deal with a braces emergency is never fun, but the good news is that you can take steps to limit the pain and damage. Here are a few tips on what to do in case of an orthodontic emergency:
Few Tips for Braces Emergency
  • Remain calm and seek professional help as soon as possible. Orthodontic Experts have multiple offices in various locations across the region, making it easy for you to get professional help quickly.
  • If a bracket becomes loose or detached, save it and bring it to your orthodontic appointment.
  • If you have a severe pain or an uncomfortable wire poking your gums, cover the end of the wire with wax – available at most drugstores.
  • For minor irritations caused by poking wires or brackets, using an over-the-counter topical numbing agent like Anbesol can help soothe your gums temporarily until you can get to your appointment.
  • If you experience swelling due to braces, use a cold compress to reduce inflammation before visiting the orthodontist.

Don’t let braces emergencies stand in your way of achieving your best smile! Contact Orthodontic Experts today for more information on how they can provide quick relief and affordable orthodontic treatment with no initial cost.

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Broken Braces Wire Poking Your Mouth

When it comes to braces emergencies, an especially annoying one is when the wire of your braces is poking the inside of your mouth. Ouch! This can be really uncomfortable, and it’s important to take care of it right away. If your braces are causing you discomfort or pain due to broken, loose or poking wires, then the best thing you can do is contact an orthodontist immediately for help.
In the meantime, you can try dealing with the emergency at home. One way to fix a loose or poking wire is to use a cotton swab to push it in. You don’t want to use anything sharp like tweezers since that could damage your braces, so go for something soft like a cotton swab.
If that doesn’t work, then try using orthodontic wax. This special wax should be available at any drugstore and will cover up the exposed wire, protecting your mouth from any further injury.
At Orthodontic Experts, we provide emergency services at our various locations so you don’t have to suffer through this issue for too long—we’ve got you covered!
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Broken Braces Wire

Lost or Loose Brackets

A lost or loose bracket is a common braces emergency. This can happen if the bracket becomes detached from the tooth, or if the adhesive wears away over time. If you have a loose bracket, it’s important to contact your orthodontist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use orthodontic wax to cover the bracket and keep it in place. This will help reduce any discomfort or irritation.
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Braces Wire Coming Off

Braces Wire Coming Off

Another common braces emergency is when the braces wire comes off. This can happen if the wire becomes damaged, or if it becomes dislodged from the brackets. If the wire is poking or rubbing against your mouth, it can be painful and uncomfortable. In this case, you can use orthodontic wax to cover the wire and reduce any irritation. However, it’s still important to contact your orthodontist for an emergency appointment to fix the wire and prevent any further damage.
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Replacing broken or lost ligatures

If you lose a ligature or your ligature breaks, it’s important to get in touch with your orthodontist right away. Until you can visit an emergency orthodontist for an appointment, you can carefully place the loose wire back into its original position using tweezers, and apply wax to any areas that may cause discomfort. If you’re unable to place the wire back into position, use wax to cover the wire and keep it in place until you can reach an orthodontic clinic.
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Food Stuck In Braces Causing Pain

If you’ve got food stuck between your brackets or wires, try gently flossing or brushing around the area to loosen it up before coming in for an assessment. Additionally, you can gently use a plastic dental pick or water flosser for extra help but don’t push too hard! Lastly, avoid eating sticky and crunchy foods that are more likely to get trapped between your braces.

Food getting stuck in your braces can be a real pain, literally. But don’t worry — Orthodontic Experts have you covered. Our emergency orthodontists understand what it’s like to have food stuck in your braces and are here to help you with those pesky problems. Don’t suffer any longer — come see us and get the care you need right away!

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Food Stuck In Braces Causing Pain
Separator Or Spacer Comes Loose

Separator Or Spacer Comes Loose

A spacer or separator is a small plastic device that sits between two teeth to create a space for the braces wire to be inserted into. Sometimes these spacers can fall out, and that’s when it may be time for an emergency appointment. If a spacer has come loose, your teeth may start to crowd together and the teeth may even move back into their original position if the separator isn’t reinserted quickly.
At Orthodontic Experts, we will make sure you get in as soon as possible and we offer same-day appointments too! Our orthodontists have years of experience dealing with emergencies like this and they will have you fixed up in no time! We also strive to make our treatment as affordable as possible and offer emergency orthodontists appointments to facilitate you at any hour of the day.
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Painful Tooth Sensitivity

After getting your braces adjusted, you may experience some tooth sensitivity. This is completely normal and is usually temporary. However, if the sensitivity persists and the pain becomes unbearable, it’s important to reach out to your orthodontist for an orthodontic emergency near me appointment. Your orthodontist can provide you with pain relief measures or suggest using painkillers.
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Tips to Prevent Braces Emergencies

No one wants to deal with a braces emergency. With a little bit of care and attention, you can avoid them completely. Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent braces emergencies from occurring in the first place:

Check Your Braces Regularly

It’s important to check your braces regularly for signs of damage or malfunction. Make sure the brackets and wires are in place, that the bands and wires are not too tight or loose, and that there are no sharp edges on the brackets.

Visit Your Orthodontist

It’s important to visit an orthodontist for your regular appointments so that they can check for potential issues with your braces and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Be Careful What You Eat

Avoid foods that could damage your braces such as sticky candy, hard candy, nuts, popcorn, etc.

Wear Your Retainer

If you have had braces removed, make sure to wear your retainer as instructed by your orthodontist. This will help keep your teeth in their proper positions until everything is fully healed.

Following these tips can help you avoid any unexpected dental emergencies involving your braces – giving you peace of mind and protecting your beautiful smile!

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Braces Emergency can strike anytime

Schedule an Emergency Appointment at Orthodontic Experts

At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that braces emergencies can be a painful, stressful experience and we’re here to provide relief. Our expert team of emergency orthodontists will provide fast, effective solutions to your braces emergency and help get your smile back on track in no time!

No matter the issue with your braces or orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to make an emergency appointment at Orthodontic Experts. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the area, so no matter where you are, help is never far away.

Our emergency orthodontists are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will work quickly to identify the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. All our services are offered at an affordable rate and we even offer a no-cost initial appointment. So if you’re experiencing a braces emergency, don’t wait – get in touch with us immediately and schedule an emergency orthodontist appointment today!

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Emergency Appointment

frequently asked questions

Will insurance cover the cost of an orthodontic emergency?

Orthodontic emergencies are often covered by insurance. However, the amount covered depends on the insurance company and the specific type of coverage plan. That’s why it’s important to check with your insurance provider to ensure that you know what’s covered in your plan. At Orthodontic Experts, we accept various insurance cards including Medicaid to make the treatment as affordable as possible.

When should I seek an emergency orthodontist for braces wire poking?

Wire poking is a common orthodontic emergency. If you experience this, you should visit your orthodontist as soon as possible, or within the first day of when it happens. Leaving the wire as-is may lead to irritation or infection of the gums or cheeks, which can further complicate the situation.

What should I do if an emergency occurs while I’m out of town?

In the event of an emergency, finding an emergency orthodontist becomes crucial. You can use our search tool to locate the best emergency orthodontist near you. In case you’re not able to find one close enough or need more information, call Orthodontic Experts to get timely assistance.

What are the consequences of leaving braces wire poking unattended for long?

If you leave a broken braces wire or any other orthodontic emergency unattended for too long, it can cause significant harm to your teeth and gums. For example, a broken wire can poke and irritate your gums, causing inflammation and pain. It can also move your teeth out of alignment, undoing months of progress in your orthodontic treatment.

I have a broken braces wire. Is there a specific orthodontic emergency near me clinic I should visit?

If you have a broken braces wire, we highly recommend visiting Orthodontic Experts for your orthodontic emergency care. As a trusted and reputable orthodontic practice, Orthodontic Experts specializes in handling various orthodontic emergencies, including broken braces wires. Our experienced orthodontists are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to provide prompt and effective treatment.

Why choose Orthodontic Experts for emergency orthodontic care?

Orthodontic Experts is an excellent choice for emergency orthodontic care for several reasons. Firstly, our team of experienced emergency orthodontists specializes in handling a wide range of orthodontic emergencies, ensuring you receive the highest quality care. Additionally, we understand the urgency of such situations and strive to provide prompt emergency orthodontist appointments to address your concerns effectively. With multiple convenient locations, we provide exceptional emergency orthodontics near you.

Braces Emergencies FAQs

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