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We do more than just straightening teeth!

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A perfectly curved wide smile can turn all the odds in your favor and if you are looking for that beautiful smile for the rest of your life, Orthodontic Experts is your place. More than just straightening teeth, we help patients enhance their facial appearance and dental health so that they can have a smile that is adorable for their lifetime.

We have a team of professional orthodontists in Arlington Heights, IL that works passionately to provide the best orthodontic care to patients of all ages and is affordable to most of the budget limits.

Orthodontist Arlington Heights Clinic

Orthodontist Arlington Heights, IL- Making Orthodontic Treatment Easy!

At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that each patient has different requirements and needs special care. To meet their expectations, we provide personalized orthodontic treatment tailored to fit their unique needs. We have the best orthodontic appliances deployed in-house with complete care and full hygiene benefits for everyone including kids, teens, and adults.

Orthodontic Experts has been serving in Arlington Heights for more than a decade with professional care and friendly practice. We consider YOU before selecting an orthodontic treatment plan that fits you best. Moreover, we are a Diamond Invisalign provider- highly experienced with hundreds of satisfied adult patients.

Our orthodontic care clinic offers affordable treatment, so you would never have to compromise your oral health anymore just because of financial strains. Take the first step towards your new smile with a free consultation at Orthodontic Experts.

Orthodontic treatment at Arlington heights

Meet Our Orthodontist

Dr. Cleidy Arboleda DDS, MS

Dr. Arboleda was born and raised in Colombia, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and a degree as specialist in Orthodontics. She moved to Chicago in 2009 and after three years of residency, Dr. Arboleda received her Master of Science degree in Oral Sciences and Certificate of Orthodontics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2015, Dr. Arboleda became a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics. Learn more about Dr. Arboleda…
Dr. Cleidy Arboleda​

Dr. Diana Torres DMD, MS

Dr. Diana Torres is originally from Colombia, where she received her degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She then moved to the United States to continue her education and attended Boston University. Dr. Torres graduated with high honors as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and received the OKU Chapter Award of Excellence. She continued her training at Boston University and completed her residency in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Learn more about Dr. Torres…
Dr. Diana Torres

Payment and Discounts

Orthodontic Experts have some attractive payments and discount options that would make orthodontic treatment possible and affordable for every individual. Here are the multiple options available for the ease of patients: 

  • The first consultation will be free of cost
  • The payments for any budget will be made in-house
  • We accept a wide range of insurance plans for orthodontic treatment, which includes renowned insurance providers.
  • We get all the major types of credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • We entertain the automated monthly payments.
  • We have joined hands with Carecredit to provide you the leverage of making the complete payment within 60 months; without any interest attached.

If still, a patient is having concerns about budgeting and payment. So, it can be discussed during the first free consultation. In this way, any patient can get to know about what they are signing up for without investing a single dollar. 

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Orthodontic Treatments we Offer

We believe that every individual has the right to smile wider with confidence. Keeping this in mind, we are offering a great range of treatments so that people can select one of them according to their preferences. Every treatment is being done at our clinic within the comfort zone of the patients and with expert skills. 

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are designed to provide an effective treatment for all minor and major dental problems diagnosed in your first consultation. Therefore, they are the most trusted and affordable type of braces which you see on most of the patients.

Iconix Braces

Iconix braces are a variation of metal braces with stainless steel champagne colored brackets and make them less visible with its rose gold aesthetics. Additionally, these clear braces allow more translucency of the teeth enamel resulting in beautiful smile.


Using a computer aided 3D model of your mouth, these clear aligners are made transparent to move your teeth without using braces. Moreover, Orthodontic Experts is a Diamond Plus Invisalign and Invisalign Teen provider, which means we have treated hundred of Invisalign patients.

What to expect at initial free consultation?

We strive to provide our patients with the customized, and affordable orthodontic treatments plan, therefore, we offer a free initial consultation to examine your oral health needs.

Just check out the free consultation chain process below!

The orthodontist will examine all your medical and historical records.

Afterwards, to diagnose the root problem oral scans and X-rays will be conducted.


After all, a treatment plan is suggested with different payment plans and health insurance options.


Finally, a customized treatment plan is proposed.

Our Arlington Heights Office Provides Orthodontic Treatment to the Residents of Arlington Heights and Its Neighboring Towns
Dana Filimon
Dana Filimon
21. March, 2022.
Really clean and they were fast
25. February, 2022.
Odalys and Lisa are super sweet, thank you for the help!! Thank you doctor!!! 🦆
Y Villegas
Y Villegas
23. February, 2022.
Love this place! The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They are always so welcoming.
sachin shah
sachin shah
28. January, 2022.
“It was a great experience. good & helpful people. knowledgeable doctor and associate. they understand your needs. my sister just finished her treatment and today i started based on her experiences.”
Erika selene Elicea
Erika selene Elicea
28. January, 2022.
Excelente servicio todos muy amables
Jocelyn Vasquez
Jocelyn Vasquez
25. January, 2022.
The workers are very nice and welcoming!!! Love coming here!
Dana Wheeler
Dana Wheeler
16. January, 2022.


We have a variety of  orthodontic treatments you can choose from. Traditional braces which can range from  $4,000-$6,000 per treatment, Iconix braces which can cost in between $4,500-$6,500 and Invisalign costing $2,900-$7,000. In short, the cost is different for each treatment and can vary depending on the length of the treatment process.

The average cost of traditional braces is $4,000-$6,000 which is lower than other orthodontic treatments; additionally, the cost increases if the time needed to correct the r misaligned teeth increases.

Click here for the answers about accepted insurance plans, and also for the qualification process.

Retainers are the customized appliances that are prescribed by the orthodontist after your braces are off. This stage is called the post-treatment phase where retainers must be worn for about 22 hours a day. If the wearing process is not done properly, the positioned teeth after the treatment will get back to the old misaligned position.

In contrast to other orthodontic treatments, the average price of Invisalign is $2,900-$7,000 because of higher due to the use of 3D technology that is used to make patients customized aligner’s tray sets.

Following your orthodontic care will always save you from any oral health injury. Moreover, in case of an orthodontic emergency for braces having a broken wire, on urgent basis, you must use a clipper to cut the wire or use an orthodontic wax provided by the orthodontist. However, you should seek an appointment in future for a professional care. If the elastic bands are broken, you must carry extra elastic bands with you every time in your orthodontic care kit.

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