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Become a Dental Assistant through our partners dental assistant school Illinois Dental Careers. Illinois Dental Careers offers accredited dental assistant, orthodontic assistant and administrative dental assistant courses that can help you get on track to an exciting career in the Dental Industry. Students that graduate from Illinois Dental Careers programs go on to obtain jobs in private dental offices, clinics and hospitals. The programs combine the latest technologies and hands-on experience that equip students with the necessary skill-sets to get the career they want.

As a dental assistant, you will be responsible for taking and processing dental x-rays, performing basic laboratory procedures and providing patient education. Illinois Dental Careers is one of the premier technical dental assistant schools in Illinois. The school is a fully equipped dental training facility, which allows you to have access to invaluable hands-on learning opportunities. As a dental assistant in training, you’ll learn about common daily procedures, as well as how to problem solve on-the-job scenarios. That practical training, combined with on the job dental assistant training as an intern and accredited classroom curriculum gives our students the knowledge, experience and confidence they need to excel in a promising career as a Dental Assistant.

Dental Assisting is a promising career choice for a number of reasons:

  • Job Stability: Chicago  is one of the largest cities in the world with millions of residents proactive about attaining proper dental care
  • High Demand: Estimated 36% increase of dental assistant positions in the next 8 years making job prospecting excellent (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Competitive Salary: The starting salary is attractive with great growth potential
  • Flexible Work Hours: You can choose between a number of work shifts and have the flexibility to work either full-time or part-time
  • Rewarding experience: Enjoy helping those in need and give them something to smile about
  • Prestige: Become a member of the distinguished healthcare industry

Dental office employers value dental assistants who have a solid grasp of the essentials of oral care, latest technological advances, and experience working with patients. Graduates of Illinois Dental Careers dental assisting school are equipped with the skills and real world experience that make them a top job candidate.

To get more information or to sign up for the classes visit Illinois Dental Careers dental assisting school page.

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