Traditional metal braces

Traditional Metal Braces

Usually, when you consider getting braces for yourself or any of your family member; you might have imagined a mouth full of metal wires and your teeth engraved in them. However due to many technological advancements in the field of orthodontics, many different orthodontic treatment options are available but the traditional metal braces are still the most effective, trusted and widely used orthodontic treatment for correcting jaws and teeth for centuries.

Traditional metal braces are the standard small brackets that are connected with each other through an arch wire and the wire is attached to each individual tooth to slowly guide your teeth into their new position by gentle pressure applied from small elastic bands.

Traditional metal braces

Metal braces with color options

Only a few people may know that this traditional method of metal braces can be as colorful as you may want it to be. The elastic bands that surround these small brackets are now available in a variety of colors so that you can choose one that is your favorite or suits you more. Picking your braces colors means you can smile in your own color.

Metal braces – A treatment for people of all ages

Traditional metal braces can be an effective method for treating all major and minor orthodontic cases identified after an initial consultation by the experts of Orthodontic Experts.

Our Orthodontist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and discuss treatment options with you and if it is metal braces that you are going to have, our orthodontist will explain how the process of metal braces works and how long will it take and everything you need to know about it.

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How much do traditional braces cost?

Traditional metal braces cost largely depending on the initial examination. Since, each case is different and has different needs so an orthodontist can’t give you a quote for the metal braces cost until he/she examines you first. After initial consultation, it is decided that how long your orthodontic treatment is required and the longer your treatment, the higher is the cost. There is no one price that fits for metal braces.

For a standard 18-month plan, the cost of traditional metal braces is somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000. Cost of these braces might go higher if any other appliances such as anchorage implants, expansion plates, or bite correcting springs are required in conjunction with the metal braces.

We make it affordable for you!

Getting braces for yourself or for your kid might be an extra financial burden so here at Orthodontic Experts, we make these braces affordable for you and create a custom payment plan with in-house financing at zero interest rates. We care for our patients and work hard to take them out of their troubles when they decide to get treated from us and therefore, we do not require any down payment as well. So, we recommend that you plan a visit at Orthodontic Expert’s dental clinic for an initial consultation and explore treatment options for you. If you need any details on traditional metal braces or any other orthodontic treatment, our orthodontist will explain everything to you.