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Traditional Metal Braces

Reveal a Great Smile with Metal Braces

Get ready to reveal a great smile with Orthodontic Experts’ metal braces! Designed to straighten and align teeth efficiently, our metal braces are a reliable option for achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Our team of experienced orthodontists will work with you every step of the way to create a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcome. Our Traditional Metal Braces deliver results quickly, making them ideal for patients with a time constraint. With innovative brackets and wires, our metal braces are comfortable and will not interfere with your daily activities. Join the thousands of patients who have achieved a confident, radiant smile with Orthodontic Experts.

Metal Braces
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How Do Braces Work

Traditional Metal Braces exert pressure on teeth and jaws to improve their alignment. The braces consist of brackets attached to the teeth and connected by arch wires that apply pressure to the teeth. This pressure gradually moves the teeth into the desired position over time. The periodontal ligaments, which are soft tissues that surround the teeth and bone, play a crucial role in the process. As the teeth move, the ligaments adjust and allow them to shift into the correct position. While braces may be uncomfortable at first, the end result is a beautiful, straight smile that will last a lifetime.

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Pros & Cons of Traditional Metal Braces

Benefits of Traditional Metal

Traditional Metal Braces have been a staple in orthodontic treatment for decades, and for good reason. While there are newer and more discreet options available, metal braces remain a popular choice because of their numerous benefits which include:

  • Highly effective in correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues, including overcrowding, overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth.
  • They are a more affordable option compared to other orthodontic treatments.
  • Improve speech
  • They can be used to treat mild to severe orthodontic cases
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Enhance facial appearance

Drawbacks of Traditional Metal Braces

As we grow up, one may sometimes require metal braces to align their teeth. Braces have proven to be effective in correcting various dental issues and improving the overall oral health of a person. However, there is always another side of the coin to consider. The drawbacks of Traditional Metal Braces are:

  • They can be unsightly and can make people self-conscious about their smiles.
  • Metal braces can be uncomfortable and even painful, especially in the first few days after an adjustment.
  • Kids and adult braces require careful maintenance, including extra care when brushing and avoiding certain foods that can damage the braces or get stuck in them.
  • Traditional Metal Braces require frequent visits to the orthodontist, which can be time-consuming and costly.

How Braces Are Transforming Smiles and Making a Difference

Traditional Metal Braces are revolutionary devices that have been helping millions of people achieve a comfortable bite and a straighter smile. We take pictures before and after the treatment so our patients can see the amazing transformation that takes place with braces. These images demonstrate how orthodontic treatment can transform a crooked smile into a beautiful, confident smile that lasts a lifetime. The difference that braces make is not only aesthetic, but they also serve to enhance one’s oral health by correcting various alignment issues that can cause oral health complications.

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Parts Of Metal Braces

Parts of Metal Braces

Orthodontic Experts provides comprehensive orthodontic care, including the latest advancements in orthodontic technology. Our braces are made up of several components, each serving a specific function in the overall structure of the braces. Here are the different parts of braces:


Brackets are the tiny, square-shaped pieces that are bonded to your teeth using adhesive. They serve as anchors or attachment points for other parts of the braces.


Bands are metal rings that fit around your back teeth (molars) to provide a sturdy anchor for the brackets. Like brackets, they must be cemented in place to ensure a secure fit.


Arch wire is the metal wire that spans across the brackets and applies steady pressure on your teeth. It moves your teeth into the desired position over time.


O-Rings are tiny rubber bands that wrap around the brackets to hold the arch wire in position. They come in various colors to match your unique style.


Elastics are the small, stretched rubber bands that connect the upper and lower braces together. They come in different sizes and strengths depending on your orthodontist’s recommendations.


Ligatures are small wire clips that hold the arch wire in place on the braces. They can be made from either metal or elastic and come in many colors to match the O-Rings.

Color Ties

Similar to O-Rings, color ties are also elastic bands that tie the arch wire to the brackets. They also come in many colors, allowing you to personalize your braces.

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Traditional Metal Braces
Treatment for All Ages

At Orthodontic Experts, we understand that a beautiful, healthy smile is important at any age. That’s
why we offer braces for adults, teens, and kids. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

Braces for Adults

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore! Many adults are now seeking adult braces treatment to improve their smile and correct any misaligned teeth. At Orthodontic Experts, we offer metal braces that are specifically designed for adult patients. Plus, with advances in technology, the treatment time for adult braces has significantly decreased, allowing for a quicker and more efficient treatment experience.

Braces for Teens

Teens are a common age group for Traditional Metal Braces treatment. This is because many orthodontic issues like overcrowding, gaps, misaligned teeth, and bite problems can be corrected most efficiently while the jaw is still growing. Our metal braces for teens are made with high-quality materials and offer a customized treatment plan to ensure they get the best possible results. Plus, our orthodontists are experts in dealing with the unique challenges of working with adolescents, making the entire treatment process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Braces for Kids

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and that includes their oral health. That’s why it’s important to address any orthodontic issues early on. Our Traditional Metal Braces for kids are designed to fix common orthodontic problems like crooked teeth, overcrowding, and bad bites while also helping to prevent more serious issues from developing. Plus, our friendly orthodontists are experts in working with children and ensuring they feel comfortable and at ease during the entire treatment process.

Are Metal Braces a Good Option for My Situation?

When considering orthodontic treatment, many people wonder if metal braces are a good option for their situation. At Orthodontic Experts, we believe that metal braces can be a highly effective and affordable option for straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. Traditional Metal Braces are designed to apply steady pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position. They are also highly durable and can work well for patients of all ages. If you are interested in learning more about metal braces or any other orthodontic treatment options, our skilled team is here to help.

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Braces Colors

Metal Braces Colors

While Traditional Metal Braces are known for their durability and effectiveness, they can also be customized with different colors for a touch of personal style. Orthodontic Experts, a leading provider of orthodontic care, offers a wide range of color options for metal braces, allowing patients to express their individuality and make their orthodontic journey more fun and exciting. From classic colors like transparent and white to unique options like neon green and royal blue, we have something for everyone. With metal braces colors from Orthodontic Experts, patients can smile confidently throughout their treatment and beyond.

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How to Care for Metal Braces

Caring for your metal braces is essential to maintaining good oral hygiene and ensuring they work effectively. Here’s how you can care for Traditional Metal Braces:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and using a soft-bristled brush to clean around the brackets and wires.
  • Flossing is also crucial to reach areas that your toothbrush can’t.
  • Avoid eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods which can damage the braces.
  • Attend regular check-ups to ensure that your braces are working correctly and to adjust them as needed.
Caring for Metal Braces
Braces With Medicaid

How to Get Braces with Medicaid

Orthodontic treatment can be quite expensive, but if you have Medicaid, the cost may be more manageable. If you are looking for affordable braces with Medicaid, you may want to consider Orthodontic Experts. To get braces with Medicaid at Orthodontic Experts, you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced orthodontists. During this consultation, they will examine your teeth and determine whether braces are a good choice for you. If metal braces are recommended, the next step will be to work with their billing department to ensure that your Medicaid benefits are applied correctly. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable Traditional Metal Braces without any financial strain!

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Traditional Metal Braces Cost

Orthodontic Experts offer Traditional Metal Braces at competitive prices. If you’re wondering how much do metal braces cost, the answer will depend on various factors such as the complexity of the case and the duration of the treatment. Generally, traditional braces cost less than other orthodontic options such as Clear Aligners. Our team of skilled orthodontists can help you get the cheapest traditional braces and flexible payment plan that work within your budget. Contact us today to get an accurate estimate of how much do metal braces cost for your individual needs.

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Metal Braces Cost

Payment and Discounts

Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to treating easily under different paying methods with their braces attachment. No compromise is done on the quality of the treatment within these plans. Feel at ease and check our all acceptable payment plans listed below here:

Discounts on Braces & Aligners
  • The clinic accepts many dental insurance plans including (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Metlife, Huaman, Cigna, Guardian, United Health care, All Kids, and Medicaid) to make the treatment’s cost minimum.
  • Get an initial free consultation with our professional experts.
  • We do accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).
  • Monthly payment plans help to get the treatment without hurdles.
  • Within a third party (CareCredit) 60 monthly repayments with no interest can be done for the needy patients.
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frequently asked questions

What is the best age for Traditional Metal Braces?

The ideal age for braces varies for every individual. However, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. This is because many orthodontic problems are easier to correct when treated early, during the child’s growth and development. However, there is no age limit to getting braces. Many adults also choose to get orthodontic treatment later in life. At Orthodontic Experts, we offer treatment to patients of all ages, so don’t hesitate to schedule a no-cost initial consultation with our experienced orthodontists.

How long do metal braces take to work?

The length of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of each individual case. On average, treatment with traditional braces can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. However, some cases may require a longer or shorter treatment time. It’s important to remember that orthodontic treatment is a process and requires patience and commitment.

What are the normal side effects of metal braces?

As with any orthodontic treatment, there can be some side effects. Some common side effects of braces include soreness or sensitivity in the teeth and gums, difficulty eating, and trouble speaking. These side effects typically subside after a few days or weeks.

Do Traditional Metal Braces hurt?

While orthodontic treatment may cause some discomfort, it is not typically painful. Patients may experience some soreness or discomfort during the first few days after the braces are applied or adjusted. However, most patients find that the discomfort is manageable and subsides quickly.

What can you eat with metal braces?

It’s important to be mindful of the foods you eat while wearing braces to avoid damaging the brackets or wires. Hard, sticky, and chewy foods should be avoided. Some examples include popcorn, nuts, candies, and gum. We recommend sticking to softer foods such as cooked vegetables, mashed fruits, and boiled pasta.

How can I maintain my results after braces treatment is complete?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to ensuring that your braces treatment is effective in the long-term. It’s important to continue to brush and floss regularly and get routine dental cleanings. Additionally, wearing a retainer as prescribed by the orthodontist is important to keep your teeth in their new positions.

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