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Hawley Retainer

What is a Hawley Retainer?

A Hawley Retainer is a removable appliance that’s made up of a hard plastic or acrylic plate that’s molded to the shape of the roof of your mouth. Attached to the plate is a thin, adjustable wire that sits against the front of your top teeth. The wire is designed to hold your teeth in their new positions while preventing them from shifting back to their original crooked positions.
At Orthodontic Experts, we believe that a Hawley Retainer provides the most effective and long-lasting retention option for our patients. It’s a durable and reliable appliance that can keep your teeth in place for years to come. It’s also a cost-effective option compared to other types of retainers, as it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. For further information, contact Orthodontic Experts today to learn more about how a Hawley Retainer can help you protect your beautiful new smile.
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Hawley Retainer
hawley retainers

Hawley Retainers

The Proven Solution for Keeping Your Teeth Perfectly Straight

Orthodontic treatment, whether it involves braces or clear aligners, takes time and effort to achieve the desired results. Once the appliances are removed, it’s essential to keep your teeth in place to keep them straight and maintain a healthy smile. This is where a Hawley Retainer comes in.

At Orthodontic Experts, we understand the importance of long-term retention after orthodontic treatment, which is why we recommend Hawley Retainers to our patients. We believe that these retainers are not only one of the most effective methods of preserving your orthodontic results, but they’re also proven to keep your teeth straight for life.

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How does a Hawley Retainer work?

Hawley Retainers rely on a combination of metal wires and acrylic arches to keep the teeth in their ideal places. The metal wire runs across the six anterior teeth (the front teeth) and applies enough pressure to keep them from shifting.
The metal wire can be adjusted to fit an individual’s unique dental structure. Orthodontic Experts’ expert team of orthodontists can make small adjustments to the wire to help keep the teeth aligned in the desired position. This adjustability of the wire allows for personalized and specific treatment to meet the unique needs of the patients.
The acrylic arch also plays a significant role in ensuring that the patient wears the retainer consistently as instructed. Properly adhering to wearing one’s retainer after orthodontic treatment is crucial to retain the newly aligned teeth. Having an acrylic arch that comfortably fits over the roof of the mouth makes it easier for patients to wear their retainers consistently and comfortably.
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Hawley Retainer Work

Benefits of a Hawley Retainer

There are several benefits of a Hawley Retainer that make it an ideal choice for many patients. Let’s take a closer look to find out why you should get Hawley Retainers:

  • Easy to Mold

A Hawley Retainer is made from a combination of metal wire and acrylic or plastic that can be easily molded to the shape of your mouth. This means that it is comfortable to wear and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort.

  • Adjustable

Hawley Retainers are easily adjustable, which means that if any changes are needed to keep your teeth in the desired position, they can be made easily without needing to create a new retainer.

  • Customized Plate Color

If you’re someone who likes to have a little fun with your orthodontic appliances, then you’ll be pleased to know that the plate color on a Hawley Retainer can be custom-selected. This means that you can choose from a range of colors to create a personalized appearance that suits your style.

  • Durable

Hawley Retainers are made from sturdy materials that are sturdy and difficult to damage. This means that they are long-lasting and will keep your teeth in the correct position for years to come.

  • Simple Maintenance

Hawley Retainers are incredibly easy to clean. Simply remove them from your mouth and rinse them with water. Optionally, you can use a mild soap and toothbrush to scrub off any stubborn build-up.

Drawbacks of a Hawley Retainer

Hawley Retainer has been proven to be effective in retaining the new teeth alignment after orthodontic treatment. However, there are some drawbacks that patients need to consider before choosing this type of retainer.

  • Esthetics

Hawley Retainer is more noticeable than other retainers. This is because the wire sits in the front, making it visible when you smile or talk. This can cause discomfort or embarrassment to some patients, especially if they have to wear the retainer for an extended period.

  • Discomfort

Although the plate is custom-fitted to the patient’s teeth, some people may feel discomfort or soreness in the first few days of wearing it. This can be addressed by consulting with the provider of Orthodontic Experts to make any necessary adjustments.

  • Bulky Appliance

Hawley Retainer is bulkier than other types of retainers. This can cause irritation to the lips, gums, or tongue. However, the orthodontist can provide guidance on how to manage any discomfort during the adjustment period.

  • Difficulty Speaking

Some people might find that they have a slight lisp or difficulty enunciating words when they first start wearing the appliance. This is usually temporary and will improve as the patient’s speech adjusts to the retainer.

  • Promote Bacterial Overgrowth

The Hawley Retainer has many nooks and crannies that can trap food particles and bacteria if not cleaned adequately. It is important to clean the retainer thoroughly to avoid any oral health issues.

How Do I Clean My Hawley Retainer?

Regular cleaning of your Hawley Retainer is essential to keep your mouth healthy and prevent any potential health issues. Here’s a guide on cleaning your retainer:

  • It is best to clean your Hawley Retainer before you place it in storage or put it back in your mouth.
  • Scrub your retainer lightly with a toothbrush to remove any debris and rinse thoroughly. Make sure to avoid using hot water, as it can deform the plastic.
  • For a deep clean, you can use denture cleaning tablets or a specialized retainer cleaner.
  • It is also important to clean the container where you store your Hawley Retainer. Bacteria and germs love to hide in moist and warm environments, so ensure that you rinse your container regularly with warm water to prevent buildup.
  • If you wear your Hawley Retainer every night, you should rinse it in the morning.
  • If you wear it during the day or when eating, you will need to clean it more frequently.
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Hawley Retainer vs Clear Retainer


Retainer Material

Hawley Retainer

Metal wire and Acrylic or hard plastic

Clear Retainer

Transparent plastic
Bulkiness High Low
Durability Hawley Retainers are highly durable and can last over 5 – 10 years. Clear retainers are less durable than Hawley retainers and can last upto 1-5 years.
Comfort Hawley Retainers are bulky due to which they are less comfortable to wear than clear retainers. Clear retainers are lightweight due to which they are extremely comfortable to wear.
Retainer Cost $300-$600 $150-$300
Visibility High Low
Customization Easy to Customize Cannot be customized

Hawley Retainer Cost

Orthodontic Experts offers Hawley Retainers at an affordable price range of $300 to $600. This cost-effective solution ensures that patients can maintain their beautiful smiles and prevent teeth from shifting after orthodontic treatment. However, the cost of a Hawley Retainer can vary widely depending on several factors which include:


The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on where you live. For example, orthodontic treatment in urban areas is often more expensive than in rural areas due to factors like real estate costs and overhead expenses.


The complexity of your orthodontic treatment can impact the cost of a Hawley Retainer. For example, if you have had extensive dental work done, such as multiple extractions or jaw surgery, your retainer may be more expensive.


The materials used to make your Hawley Retainer can also impact the cost. Higher-quality materials will generally be more expensive than lower-quality materials.


If you have dental insurance, your policy may cover some or all of the cost of a Hawley Retainer. However, this will depend on the specifics of your policy and the terms of your coverage.

With Orthodontic Experts’ expertise and experience, patients can trust that their Hawley Retainers will be customized to fit their unique oral structure, providing maximum comfort and efficiency. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that patients are fully informed before any treatment, making it easier to plan for the cost of orthodontic care. Schedule a no-cost consultation today to learn more about our payment plans.

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hawley wire retainer

Transform Your Smile with Hawley Retainer

Achieve Perfectly Aligned Teeth with Orthodontic Experts

Have you ever wished your perfectly aligned teeth stayed like this permanently after getting your braces or aligners removed? Orthodontic Experts can make that wish a reality. With our cutting-edge techniques and experienced team of orthodontists, Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to giving you the smile of your dreams. These retainers are designed to keep your teeth in their proper position while you sleep, ensuring that your orthodontic treatment stays on track.

Whether you need Traditional Metal Braces, Clear Aligners, retainers or any other orthodontic treatment, Orthodontic Experts has the expertise and technology to help you achieve straighter teeth and a more confident smile. Don’t hesitate to get your own Hawley Retainer today from Orthodontic Experts.

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frequently asked questions

What is the color of a Hawley Retainer?

The Hawley Retainer has certainly changed over time, with the addition of more color options to suit the unique needs of the patients. The hard plastic or acrylic plate sitting on the roof of the mouth can now be personalized with different colors instead of pink. However, the metal wires that hold the retainer in place remain an integral part of the design. So if you’re planning to get a Hawley Retainer, you can ask your orthodontist about the available color options to make it more unique and personal to you.

Can a Hawley Retainer move teeth?

A common question that orthodontic patients have is whether or not retainers, including Hawley Retainers, can move teeth. The simple answer is no. The purpose of a Hawley Retainer is not to move teeth, but rather, to protect the progress made by orthodontic care such as braces or Clear Aligners. The retainer is worn to keep the teeth in their corrected position and prevent them from shifting.

How long do you have to wear a Hawley Retainer?

At Orthodontic Experts, we recommend wearing your Hawley Retainer all day, every day, for the first two months after your braces or Clear Aligners are removed. This ensures that your teeth remain in their new positions while the bone and soft tissue adapt to their new alignment. After the first two months, you can transition to wearing the retainer only at night. However, it is important to wear the retainer consistently to maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment.

Do Hawley Retainers break easily?

While Hawley Retainers are more durable than some other retainer types, they can still break or become damaged. If your retainer breaks or becomes damaged, it’s important to contact your orthodontist right away. Continuing to wear a broken retainer can cause further damage and prolong treatment time. Orthodontic Experts, a leading provider of orthodontic care, offers replacement retainers if needed.

Can I eat with a Hawley Retainer?

Unlike other orthodontic appliances, the Hawley Retainer is removable, meaning you can take it out while eating. We suggest removing the retainer while eating to prevent damage and to keep it clean. After you finish eating, make sure to brush your teeth and clean your retainer with a soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water. Also, avoid consuming foods that are too hot, as they might warp the plastic.

How long does a Hawley Retainer last?

The longevity of a Hawley Retainer depends on how well it is taken care of. Typically, a Hawley Retainer will last for a few years before it needs to be replaced. However, factors such as how often you wear it, how well you clean it, and how much it is exposed to heat or trauma can affect its lifespan. At Orthodontic Experts, we recommend regular checkups and cleaning to ensure that your Hawley Retainer remains in optimal condition.

Hawley Retainer FAQs

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