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How Long Does It Take To Get Invisalign

So, you have assumed that you can be a good candidate for Invisalign and decided that you will get your teeth straightened with this invisible method. Now, you might be interested in knowing how long it takes to get Invisalign done completely.

Many people are concerned about the average invisalign time and ask “how long does Invisalign take to order” and “how long does it take Invisalign trays to come in” or “how long does it take to get your Invisalign treatment completed”

The process of invisalign treatment starts with an initial consultation. 

When you visit orthodontic experts, we create 3D digital scans of your teeth that are used to design and calculate the number of invisalign trays required.

These digital scans are easy, quick and painless and require none of the mess used in traditional full bite impressions. 

After the scans are taken, they are sent to the invisalign lab where these aligners are created with the right fit and comfort in mind. 

However the average invisalign time lapse is approximately 2-3 weeks and most of our patients get their invisalign trays by this time. But the actual time may fluctuate depending on whether multiple adjustments are required to a virtual mold and the final projection of how your teeth will mold. 

These invisalign trays are custom-made, transparent aligners made from BPA free plastic material that is soft and pliable.

Because every patient has a different gum line, these trays are individually trimmed to best fit the size of each patient. These trays do not irritate your gums and make this whole treatment process invisible to others until you tell them yourself.

When these aligners are ready they are sent to the practice and you are invited to revisit the clinic and check if they are made to the right specifications and that you are comfortable with taking them in and out.

Initially it might take you longer to put invisalign trays each day although it shouldn’t take you much longer than 30 seconds each time to remove aligners or to put them on. 

Getting used to how the trays clip in you should be able to pop them in and out in only a couple of seconds each time you need to do that. You will especially need to remove them for eating and drinking.

However, the time invisalign will take to treat different dental issues depends upon the severity and type of issue. Moving teeth at front is quicker than moving back teeth and that the smaller amount of movement required takes a shorter amount of time.

If you just have a couple of small gaps between your front teeth then this treatment typically takes around 6 months. However, you may find that other forms of treatment such as cosmetic bonding or even dental veneers may be more suitable, particularly if you want results in a shorter period of time.

Getting a healthy, lively and straight smile was never so easy but invisalign treatment has made it possible for everyone wishing to have a beautifully straight and perfect smile.

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