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When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the next thing right after selection of treatment is it’s cost.

Most people consider the cost as the deciding factor to opt for any treatment so it’s not surprising when people contemplating between traditional braces and Clear Aligners often ask about what’s cheaper Clear Aligners or braces?

Are Braces More Expensive Than Clear Aligners?

Many patients consider different teeth straightening options and prefer Clear Aligners as the best option they want to know is Clear Aligners cheaper than braces.

No doubt, Clear Aligners treatment is preferable for its effectiveness and transparency to reliably reposition teeth but its added cost due to advanced 3D technology can be a predicament for many patients to refrain from it.

However, it is worth spending it given the advantages Clear Aligners offers over traditional braces.

All those wondering if Clear Aligners is more expensive than regular braces should know that Clear Aligners cost varies depending on the complexity and duration of the problem, but it is usually equal or slightly higher than Traditional Metal Braces.

There are a number of reasons for people preferring Clear Aligners. This method is equally appreciated by both younger and older patients due to the benefits Clear Aligners provides as compared to Traditional Metal Braces.

  • You can easily remove these Clear Aligners for eating, cleaning, brushing and flossing.
  • These are virtually invisible and aesthetically pleasing than regular metal braces.
  • With Clear Aligners, patient needs to see the dentist only every six weeks.
  • You don’t need to worry about the food stuck between wires and brackets on your teeth.
  • It offers more comfort and ease than braces and avoids cuts, sores, and irritation that may be caused by wires.

Are Braces Or Clear Aligners Cheaper To Consider?

The cost of Clear Aligners is similar to braces, but depending on your dental issues, some treatments cannot be completely treated with Clear Aligners alone. In that case, your orthodontist may suggest the use of braces too. This can lead to a more expensive treatment cost.

is invisalign more expensive than braces

On average, metal braces and Clear Aligners are comparable in terms of cost where metal braces typically cost around $1,800 to $5,500 while Clear Aligners varies between $3,000 and $5,000.

It is sometimes difficult to determine if braces are less expensive than Clear Aligners because it is only your orthodontist who knows how much your dental treatment will actually cost.

are braces or invisalign cheaper

There are many things that contribute to the difference in prices of treatment. There are some other factors as well other than dental issues and duration which may cause the cost to escalate.

In case your teeth require more attention and work, this will increase the price.

If you have a major overbite, this means it will take longer to shift your teeth into the desired position while a minor overbite may fix in less time and cost cheaper than treatment of major type.

In some cases, the average orthodontic prices in your city and your dental insurance plan also affect the price.

Final Words: Is Clear Aligners More Expensive Than Braces?

Clear Aligners is more appealing than braces therefore cost becomes irrelevant for those who cannot compromise over the convenience, invisibility and effectiveness at the same time.

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