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Sculpting beautiful smiles for children, teens and adults is an art and our orthodontists in Portage are skillful with this art. At Orthodontic Experts, our priority is to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment and treat all minor and major dental issues of patients who walk through our clinic doors. A friendly, comfortable, and professional environment is a build-up to welcome our patients and make them feel like a family when they decide to start treatment with us.

Why Choose Orthodontic Experts As Your Expert Orthodontist?

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Our team of the best orthodontists in Merrillville near Portage shares a common goal to provide an aesthetically pleasing, and fulfilling smile on face of everyone from kids to adults. It is our promise to keep you first and assure the maximum comfort and enjoyment for you. We have a fully trained staff in clinical and communication aspects so that you do not find anything difficult to understand. With the help of all the latest available technologies in the orthodontic field, we try to make you comfortable during treatment.

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Treatments Offered in Merrillville

To create the smile of your dreams, we offer most cosmetic options including Iconix braces and clear aligners treatment in Portage for yourself and your kids to give you the confidence of smiling in your pictures.

Iconix braces and clear aligners in Portage are the most advanced types of orthodontic treatment which allow people to get less noticed by other people during the treatment.

While Iconix Brace’s rose gold color matches the natural color of your teeth, clear aligners just do not become obvious at all. These are the fastest, reliable, and less visible types of orthodontic treatments in Portage but still many people prefer to get traditional old metal braces in Portage. However, these are the most visible type of treatment but now color customization is available for those people who want to flaunt with their braces in their style. These colorful braces are most popular in kids who want to match the color of their braces with their dress, accessories, or toys.

Financial Options Available at Orthodontic Experts

No doubt, the cost of treatment varies depending on the complexity of the issue and the type of treatment required. At your initial consultation, our orthodontist Portage discusses not only treatment options but also the financial options available to your specific case so you do not need to worry about the financial cost of your treatments. We offer no interest, down payment discounts, and interest-free financing options for up to sixty months but yes, your initial consultation will be free.

We also accept all the major orthodontic insurance plans to make it easier for you to achieve the smile you deserve.

Start your beautiful smile journey today and schedule a no cost consultation with our best orthodontist in Portage and during this consultation, our team will respond to all your queries and concerns you might have about your orthodontic issues.

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