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Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Good for Your Kids

Early Orthodontic Treatment

It happens that parents come to an orthodontic office feeling guilty of not bringing their kids to an orthodontist earlier. In fact, early treatment prevents the development of serious orthodontic issues and reduces the time of orthodontic treatment in the future.

American Association of Orthodontics recommends visiting an orthodontist when a kid reaches the age of seven. By this age, the mouth and jaw of your kid are grown enough to predict how they’ll develop when their permanent teeth arrive and further monitor the process to avoid problems later. In case our orthodontists determine that jaw development of your kid is not on track or there are other orthodontic issues, the referral to orthodontic treatment is a “must”. Nevertheless, you should not worry, as our Orthodontic Experts team has unique skills and experience to help your kid achieve a beautiful smile. Getting more into detail, early orthodontic treatment helps to ensure that permanent teeth will arrive at an ideal position, avoid problems with chewing and biting and guide a jaw growth. Additionally, bringing your kid to an orthodontist at early age guarantees a long-term stability and proper development that positively influences self-esteem of any child.

Since the kid’s mouth and teeth are still developing, our orthodontic team can monitor the jaw development and help to fix the position of permanent teeth, from which you and your kid will benefit in the future. We can easily determine if your kid has any signs of orthodontic issues and offer you the best treatment options. After all, if your kid has already reached the age of seven and you are not confident about his or her mouth development, you should definitely give us a call at (847) 749-4340 and we will be happy to help you or schedule an appointment for you. You can also text us at (847) 404-3268 for any quick questions or inquiries. Our diverse staff will be able to communicate with you in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Urdu and Hindi languages. We have six convenient immaculate locations and six orthodontists on staff. It’s never too late to achieve that beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for all your life!


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