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can you get invisalign with cavities

Preventing Cavities during Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear Aligners With Tooth Cavities? | Does Clear Aligner Treatment Cause Tooth Decay? | What If A Cavity Develops During Clear Aligner Treatment? | Tips on Cavity Prevention It’s no secret that clear aligner treatment can be tough on your teeth. After all, you’re essentially wearing a foreign object in your mouth for 20-22 hours

how to use chewies with invisalign

Clear Aligners Chewies: Purpose, Precautions, How to Use Them

What is the Purpose of Clear Aligner Chewies? | How to Use Clear Aligner Chewies? | Can I Reuse Clear Aligner Chewies? If you’ve worn clear aligners, you know they can sometimes feel a bit loose. And if you don’t have a good fit, it can be uncomfortable – and even painful. That’s where chewies


Can Retainers Move Teeth Back?

What are Retainers? | Why Need to Wear Retainers? | Checking the Retainer’s Quality | Can Retainers Fix Teeth Back? | Different Post-Treatment Teeth Misalignment Issues? If you think that there is no need to visit the orthodontist once your treatment is completed, think again. Although you have completed the braces journey, misalignment within your


National Children’s Dental Health Month

Tips for celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month | Why Oral Health is Necessary for Good Overall Health? | Now is the Perfect Time to Start! February is not only the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day; but, it is National Children’s Dental Health Month. What better way to celebrate than by being your child’s


How Long Does It Take To Get Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner Treatment Process | Duration of Clear Aligner Treatment You’ve probably seen the ads on TV or online: clear aligners that promise to give you a straighter smile without the hassle of metal brackets and wires. Clear aligners are made of a clear, soft plastic that is transparent when worn. And while they may


Overbite: A Complete Guide By An Orthodontist

Types of overbite | How to fix an overbite: correct treatment options Evenly aligned healthy teeth always fascinate everyone when you smile. But when your upper and lower jaw does not interact appropriately with one another, this may leave a repulsive impression. If the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, or if the


Can You Eat Ice Cream With Braces?

When Can I Eat Ice Cream With Braces? | Can You Eat Ice Cream If You Have Braces? | Can You Eat Ice Cream Cones With Braces? When younger patients, especially children undergo an orthodontic treatment, parents are majorly concerned about the food their child can take. There are many things such as candies, chocolates,


Is Clear Aligners Cheaper Than Braces?

Are Braces More Expensive Than Invisalign? | Are Braces Or Invisalign Cheaper To Consider? | Final Words: Is Invisalign More Expensive Than Braces? When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the next thing right after selection of treatment is it’s cost. Most people consider the cost as the deciding factor to opt for any treatment so


Can You Use An Electric Toothbrush With Braces

Can You Use An Electric Toothbrush With Fixed Braces | Will An Electric Toothbrush Break My Braces | Is Electric Toothbrush Good For Braces | Effective Cleaning In Hard To Reach Areas | Special Movements Make The Job Easier | A Guide To Cleaning Routine with a Pressure Sensor And Timer | Change Its Head


Do Braces Hurt? Expectations For When You Get Braces

Does it Hurt When You Get Braces | Why Do Braces Hurt | Do Braces Hurt the First Day | What to Expect When Getting Braces | The Process of Getting Braces | Is It Necessary to Get Braces Tightened | Can I Eat or Drink Anything with Braces | Does Wearing Braces Affect Your

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