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Shift Happens. The Importance of Wearing a Retainer.

 Perhaps you already know that tooth movement is first and foremost a natural biological process. Any type of internal or external pressure can move teeth. For this reason gum disease, thumb sucking, fingernail chewing and tongue a swallowing can move teeth and jaws in wrong positions.

Luckily, Orthodontic Experts know how to deal with this and straighten your teeth! Your Doctor can move your teeth in the right position by exerting special force on the tooth, which moves to the right position of your roots thus causing bone around your tooth to reshape. Additionally, our body processes continuously change, which means that tooth movement occurs throughout life.

Nevertheless, it happens that people’s teeth are shifted after they had they orthodontic treatment. The shift happens if a person doesn’t wear their retainers as prescribed. Therefore, you should remember to wear your retainers as instructed because your bone around your teeth are hardening to the new positions and can move very easily without retainers.

Remember that retainers also need to be replaced after certain period of time. Normally, it takes from 1.5 to 2 years to the moment when your retainers require replacement. Make sure you visit your Doctor if you damage or lose your retainer. Don’t postpone it for later.

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