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Orthodontist Cortland

At orthodontic Experts of Cortland, our orthodontists in Cortland are providing orthodontic services to all those looking to straighten their teeth, regain smile and align their jaws. Our Cortland orthodontist addresses all your oral health concerns and provides the best possible solutions with the help of their expertise, state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to ensure you get the type of orthodontic treatment that is not only best suited to you but your family.

Our services include:

Whether it is traditional metal braces, removable clear aligners, or Iconix braces for you, your child or parents, we have optimal solutions for the people of all ages.

Orthodontist Cortland, IL

Traditional metal braces in Cortland

This is the ideal orthodontic appliance to treat malocclusions and poor teeth alignment. Though, it comes with metal wires but wearing traditional metal braces at Orthodontic Experts in Cortland is fun now, since we provide all our patients with metal wires put on to customize and change the color of their braces. On each visit, you can ask our orthodontist to change the color as you want. It could be really appealing for teenagers as they can match their braces to the color of their favorite sports team, specific wardrobe, eye color or so many other things to complement with.

Clear Aligners in Cortland

Clear aligners treatment in Cortland is a highly advanced type of orthodontic treatment best suited for adults and older teens since their mouths have stopped developing and growing further. This method uses a series of removable clear aligners that are custom made to properly fit your teeth size and gradually shift your teeth into their proper position. These shifts of invisible braces in Cortland are calculated and designed specifically by our dentist and invisalign labs. 

Why should you choose us?

There are apparent reasons that we are the most appreciated and sought-after orthodontist in Cortland, Dekalb.

  • We deliver Results
  • We provide high-quality service in a comfortable environment
  • We are committed towards our profession 
  • We do not only treat, we also educate our patients and cherish life-long bonds with them
  • We are consistently improving, developing and evolving in knowledge, expertise and technology

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Our office is conveniently reachable to the residents of Cortland, as our office in Dekalb is located only a few miles away. After your first consultation with us, we’ll be able to provide you with information on possible treatment options, financial investment and required time for your treatment. From the range of braces (clear braces, traditional metal braces, lingual braces) to clear aligners, our orthodontic practice ensures that you will have a beautiful smile. Orthodontic Experts provides highly affordable orthodontic treatment options in the Cortland area to straighten your smile, improve your overall dental health and improve your confidence! Call today! (815) 756-5200.

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