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As a professional orthodontist in Crystal Lake, we strive to set the highest standards of orthodontic care. Our team of expert orthodontists is proud to serve patients of all ages and know exactly how to serve children, kids, teens, and adults for their differing needs and preferences. Whether you or your child has bite problems, crooked teeth, crowded or spaced teeth, our Crystal Lake orthodontist has a variety of possible treatments that are known as best to solve your orthodontic issues, improve your smile and confidence.

crystal lake orthodontist

Orthodontist in Crystal Lake for healthy and beautiful smiles

We understand that every patient is unique and demands a special attention to his/her specific problem. That’s why experts of Crystal lake not only offer traditional braces but also the latest developmental methods such as Iconix braces and clear aligners.

We have multiple latest orthodontic treatment options available for you at our clinic in Algonquin, near Crystal Lake. The treatment options include a variety of braces types along with the clear aligners in Crystal Lake.

Choosing among one of the best braces in Crystal Lake is Iconix Braces or clear aligners. The white gold colored Iconix brackets blend in well with the teeth and are a little less noticeable than that traditional metallic braces, while the clear aligners treatment in crystal lake can be faster, less-noticeable and more comfortable.

affordable orthodontic treatment in crystal lake

We make it affordable for you!

Our approach is to provide our patients with the maximum comfort and convenience when they approach us for their orthodontic treatment. In addition to the treatment options, we also offer financial options to our patients to help them carry out their treatment without any financial burden. We accept major insurance plans, low down payment options and extended payment plans so that you can budget your treatment without any hassle.

Consult with us now for a perfect healthy smile

If you are unsure about choosing the treatment which may suit you well to you, a consultation with Orthodontic Experts’ orthodontist in Algonquin near Crystal Lake can determine if metal, iconix braces or clear aligners is the right treatment for you or your loved one. Give us a call today on (847) 658-4907, or schedule an appointment and let our orthodontist’s help you achieve that smile that you have always wanted! We understand that a smile is important to every person, and are always striving to provide each patient with outstanding results!

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