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At Orthodontic Experts, we are not only dedicated to provide quality orthodontic services to the community but we strive to build our trust and long term relationship with our patients with our best orthodontist in Glenview staff, latest technologies and peaceful environment. Whether it is about your child, adolescent or an adult, our top priority is to provide you with a conducive environment and advise a treatment option that best suits your age and needs. Our orthodontist Glenview creates beautiful smiles and functional bites by utilizing all the latest available methods and equipment in the industry.

We offer premium quality services with the use of high quality products in orthodontic treatment methods such as clear aligners treatment, iconix clear braces in Glenview, and traditional braces in Glenview near Skokie, IL. We understand each patient is different in terms of age and dental problems so we customize our methods and plans for differing dental needs among kids, teens and adults and bring unique smiles to them. When you visit us for a first no cost consultation, we examine your medical history, your current dental needs, and prepare a customized plan with your unique requirements and individual attention as well as a financial plan to ensure there are no surprises for you during the treatment.

Treatment Methods offered at our clinic:

Traditional metal braces in Glenview are the most preferred and trusted type of treatment for treating dental problems and correcting biting issues but these are the most visible types therefore people are demanding for treatments that are less visible and still effective. Iconix braces in rose gold color are one of the types of invisible braces in Glenview that truly match the color of your natural teeth and makes them less noticeable or others. However, clear aligners in Glenview is the invisible, fast, reliable and removable type of treatment which involves clear aligners and works best for those who cannot afford change in their personalities during treatment.

Smile with affordability is all we provide

After your initial visit, our orthodontist in Glenview explains everything to the patient from treatment type to duration of treatment, cost involved and ways in which it can be paid. We discuss financial plans with you and your available financial options and offer third party financing as well as other flexible payment options such as low or no down payment and accept all major insurance plans. Once you agree with a prepared financial plan, our insurance coordinator will verify your benefits and we will work with your insurance provider to maximize your insurance benefits.

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We really appreciate the time and commitment our patients invest in their health, that’s why we always strive to exceed their expectations through our customer service and treatment outcome. All our patients value the quality of the personalized orthodontic care as the best orthodontist in Glenview we have been providing them. They show their ongoing support in our practice by recommending us to their friends and family. You are also invited to be a part of our family at Orthodontic Experts in Skokie near Glenview. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation today and see why our patients Never Stop Smiling!

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