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Invisalign® Retainers

It takes dedication to wear Invisalign® to get healthy and straight teeth but knowing what to do after Invisalign® treatment is just as important. Wearing retainer after Invisalign® is important because without following the correct post-treatment procedures, your teeth may shift back to their previous position, undoing the beautiful smile you worked so hard to achieve.

When you are done with your active Invisalign® treatment, you require Invisalign® retainers to maintain the tension on your teeth to hold them in place. You would never want your teeth to shift back to the old position after undergoing orthodontic treatment for so many months, but most people don’t wear Invisalign® retainers at all or as per the instructions of their orthodontist which leads to their old crooked teeth. To avoid such situations and maintain your newly aligned teeth, your orthodontist will suggest the best-suited type of retainers for you.

You will have to wear it for 22 hours for the first 3 to 6 months. Then for the rest 6 to 12 months you will have to wear it every night. The regularity will then change afterwards according to the instructions of your dentist.

If you damage your invisalign, you should not wear it again. After losing or damaging your retainer you should book an appointment with your orthodontist and get a new one. If you are not able to get one right away, buy a mouthguard for overnight care.

invisalign retainer

One of the best ways to care for your Invisalign retainers is to adopt good oral hygiene. To start with, you should remove your retainer while eating. When you remove your retainer, keep it away in hygienic storage. The storage box should be rinsed before use. The retainer should be cleaned and rinsed as well. One of the best ways to do that is to brush them gently and also soak them for a while. Any other liquid other than water can cause it to stain. When you have your retainer on, avoid clenching your jaw as it can cause the retainer to crack.

You can soak your retainers in lukewarm water or any soaking liquid by Invisalign. You can also very gently and lightly brush the retainers with very little baking soda. Both methods help remove any build up, plaque or stains from it.

There are five basic types of retainers. Three of them are clear retainers, one is the traditional permanent retainer and the other one is the latest to the market. The two most popular types of Invisalign® retainers are Essix retainer and the Vivera retainer.

Memotain Retainer is a permanent retainer that is made using a 3D printer for extreme accuracy. However, the MEMOTAIN retainer is fixed to the inner side of your teeth, like a traditional permanent retainer. These retainers are much thinner than conventional lingual retainers and tailor made to the precise needs of individual patients.

memotain retainer
fixed retainer

Permanent retainer is a metal wire glued onto the inner side of your teeth. These Fixed retainers hold in place the teeth to which they are attached. These retainers are glued on your front teeth, upper or lower depending on your situation. These retainers are a good option for you, at least for the first year or two after your treatment. Then you can switch to other types of Invisalign® retainers when you only need to wear them at night.

Vivera are custom made Invisalign® retainers that come in sets of three. They are manufactured using some of the most advanced technology and material on the market including 3D digital imaging, clear thermoplastic material and advanced fabrication technology. This means these Invisalign® retainers are not only strong and almost invisible, but also have a precise fit.


Hawley retainers are traditional retainers with acrylic in the middle and a metal wire across the front teeth. Hawley retainer is more common in younger kids but if you are an adult Invisalign® aligner patient, it is unlikely that this would be your type of retainer after Invisalign®.

Essix retainers closely resemble the Invisalign® aligners you have been wearing to get your teeth straightened. They are made with transparent plastic used for Invisalign® aligners. They are very popular because of their durability.

At Orthodontic Experts, we often hear how much Invisalign® retainers cost.

essix retainers

The cost of retainer after Invisalign® depends on the type you choose. The cost of Vivera retainer varies from $400 to more than $1,000 for four sets of retainers. The Essix retainer may cost $100.00 – $285.00 for one retainer and the cost of permanent retainers can be anywhere between $225.00 – $550.00 for one retainer.

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