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Dr. Yarmolyuk and his entire team welcome you to Orthodontic Experts near the Lake in the Hills area – a professional orthodontic practice with years of experience. The providers of our practice are highly trained orthodontic professionals who have extensive experience and expertise. All our doctors are dentists, plus additional years of specialized orthodontic schooling. Orthodontic Experts is committed to providing exceptional quality service, while also offering affordable payment options.


Our patients come to us for treatments using braces, Invisalign and orthodontic appliances, that can remarkably improve facial appearance as it brings teeth, jaws and lips into a symmetrical position. After your first consultation with us, we’ll provide you with information on possible treatment options, financial investment (we offer zero down payment and extended and no-interest payment plans) and time. From the range of braces to Invisalign, our orthodontic practice ensures that you can have the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. We are always well prepared to address all of your issues and want to help align your teeth, and prevent any misalignment of teeth in the future.

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