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Smiling Ahead Despite Changes:
Orthodontic Experts Welcomes You!

Changes at SmileDirectClub? Let’s Keep Your Smile Moving Forward. Secure your discounted retainer today!

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Keeping Your Smile on Track with OE!

Life’s journey takes unexpected turns, and sometimes your smile journey might do the same. If recent changes in your dental care have you wondering what’s next, Orthodontic Experts are here to help you navigate the path forward with confidence and a radiant smile.

We offer expert care and compassionate support to ensure your smile goals stay on track, no matter the detour.

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Special $350 Retainer Discount as a Welcome Gesture!

As a warm welcome to our practice, we’re extending a special price of $350 on retainers for patients transitioning from SmileDirectClub.

It’s our way of saying, “Let’s work together to keep your smile shining!” No awkward gaps, no lost progress – just smooth sailing towards a confident, radiant you. Your retainer is designed to keep your teeth in place after your orthodontic treatment has finished. It works by physically holding the teeth in the new position, which helps to prevent them from shifting back to their original position. In order for retainers to work successfully, they must be worn over a long period of time and with consistency.

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Unexpected Turns on Your Smile Journey?
We’re Here to Support You!

Life unfolds in unique ways, and sometimes your orthodontic journey encounters bumps.

At OE, we understand these challenges and are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Whether it’s missed retainer wear or adjustments to your treatment plan, we’re here to help you find the best path forward, ensuring a seamless and successful smile journey.

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Addressing Retainer Concerns

Missed Wear

Did your busy schedule get in the way of regular retainer wear? Don’t panic! While some discomfort is normal after resuming use, significant shifts in your teeth require professional evaluation. If your retainer feels loose or uncomfortable, reach out to us for a swift and personalized solution.

Lost or Damaged Retainer

Accidents happen. Losing or damaging your retainer doesn’t have to derail your progress. We offer convenient and cost-effective replacements, ensuring your smile journey remains smooth.

Your Smile Goals Matter to Us:
Supporting Patients Impacted by Changes in Dental Care:

Unexpected Disruption

We recognize the uncertainties you might be facing due to recent changes in your dental care.

Our compassionate team is here to guide you through this transition with sensitivity and understanding. We prioritize ensuring your smile goals remain a top priority.

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Our Commitment to Your Smile

At Orthodontic Experts, we believe a confident smile is an investment worth protecting. We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic services, including:

Advanced retainer technology for optimal comfort and stability.
Flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your busy life.
Transparent pricing and financing options to make your smile affordable.
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Ready to Get Back on Track?

Don’t let unexpected changes dim your smile’s potential. Contact Orthodontic Experts today for a no-cost consultation and let our expert team craft the perfect retainer to keep your smile gleaming!

Because at Orthodontic Experts, we believe everyone deserves a smile they love, every step of the way!

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