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Countless patients in Hillside have trusted our Lyons orthodontist along with our caring team of professionals to deliver beautiful, healthy smiles. Our patients range from school going children to business professionals, who may have minor crowding or severely crooked teeth.

At orthodontic experts, your Lyons orthodontist develops tailored treatment plans for each individual patient using latest orthodontic techniques, including traditional metal and clear braces, and the invisible braces technology – Invisalign in Lyons, for which we are a Platinum Provider. Your Lyons orthodontist aims for every patient to leave our practice with a confident smile.

We take a patient-focused approach to treatment and we are here to listen to your concerns, provide professional advice, and deliver top quality orthodontic services that are based on the latest science & cutting edge technologies (digital teeth scanning & 3D x-rays).

Orthodontic Experts - Best Braces Colors

Through personalized care, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail, Orthodontic Experts provide a positive experience for children and adults alike. Your Lyons orthodontist will help you to not only achieve straighter teeth and a healthy smile, but also a heightened self-confidence and improved oral health for years to come.

Be Colorful: Metal Braces in Lyons

At Orthodontic Experts, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options including various types of bracesInvisalign, and Invisalign Teen.

Our wide range of metal braces is common among younger patients who enjoy the colorful rings which are placed over the brackets and wire. The brackets of Metal Braces come in two distinct varieties – the traditional stainless steel silver and the newer gold-plated alloy. At your adjustment appointments, you will have a chance to pick up to 2-3 colors from a wide range of vibrant colors.

Be Discrete: Lingual or Ceramic Braces in Lyons

Clear Ceramic Braces provides the ultimate aesthetic solution for those who require fixed braces to correct their orthodontic problems, providing complete tooth control without the fuss! Clear Ceramic braces are a popular choice among teenage and adult patients because of their discreteness. Another discrete option of Braces in Lyons is Lingual Braces. These Braces are placed behind the teeth, making them completely invisible for others. Lingual Braces are a good choice for complex cases.

Go Invisible with Invisalign Treatment in Lyons

Invisalign in Lyons is the clear alternative to those who don’t want fixed braces. Invisalign is one of the latest orthodontic appliances that have no metal components and is completely removable, making it the most aesthetic appliance available at Orthodontic Experts. For most of the adult patients, the flexibility and almost invisible nature of the Invisalign makes it their ideal choice.

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While selecting a method our orthodontist in Lyons will take into account your face and bone structure, your expectations of the final result and whether the time is right for you to begin treatment. Sometimes our
Lyons orthodontist decides to defer treatment for a while; in these cases, we will arrange to see you again at a later.

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