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Orthodontist in Mount Prospect

At Orthodontic Experts of Arlington Heights we welcome patients of all ages and lifestyles, because everybody deserves to feel confident about their smile. Our orthodontic team is proud to have many great patients from Mount Prospect and other surrounding towns. Our orthodontist addresses all your oral health concerns and provides the best possible solutions to ensure you get the true type of orthodontic treatment for your dental problems.

What orthodontic experts offer to Mount Prospect Residents?

At orthodontic Experts, our Mount Prospect orthodontist utilizes one of the highest levels of orthodontic technologies and offers state of the art treatments for teens, children, and adults looking to straighten their teeth, smile and align their jaws.

When it comes to your treatment options at Orthodontic Experts, your orthodontist Mount Prospect works for the goal to provide the highest quality, personalized orthodontic care, and treatment in a fun, comforting and friendly environment. The results speak for themselves: bright, shiny and beautiful smiles that are filled with self-confidence.

Treatment options orthodontist Mount Prospect offers

Today, we are one of the leading orthodontic practices near the Mount Prospect area as we don’t just straighten your teeth here but we build strong relationships with every patient who walks into our clinic to see our Orthodontist Mount Prospect. Below mentioned are the most effective type of orthodontic treatments that are being offered at our clinic.

Traditional metal braces in Mount Prospect

Traditional metal braces are the fixed “train track” braces and the type of braces Mount Prospect that most people think of when they consider orthodontic treatment. It is one of the most commonly used and an effective treatment option that is not much expensive. Also, this method now comes with the selection of colors for the bands so it becomes an exciting thing to do for your kids.

Iconix braces in Mount Prospect

The Iconix braces that we offer at Orthodontic Experts consist of stainless steel champagne-colored brackets that provide the aesthetics of ‘rose gold’. It is one of those braces that is as effective and durable as traditional metal braces.

Clear aligners treatment in Mount Prospect

Clear aligners in Mount Prospect is one of the most invisible types of orthodontic treatment that others could hardly notice. It consists of custom-made, clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you start to wear them. These clear braces in Mount Prospect give you the confidence to continue your career with the same personality appearance.

Orthodontic treatment options in your budget

Most people think that orthodontic treatment can cost a lot and that’s why they settle to compromise on their oral health. Being one of the most trustable and top Orthodontic treatment providers, we completely understand your concerns and this is the reason we offer the most affordable orthodontic treatment options that can never be a burden on your pocket. We also provide you an ease by accepting all the major insurance plans, just to ensure that you get the smile you truly deserve.

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If you are still unsure about your treatment options or you are wondering if you are the right candidate for orthodontic treatment, then come and meet our Orthodontist Mount Prospect by scheduling your no cost consultation today. We emphasize individualized, science-based treatment for every patient. Convenient appointment hours including nights and weekends are available in our Arlington Heights office.

Our Arlington Heights Orthodontic office is located only 10 minutes drive from Mount Prospect.

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