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Orthodontist Glen Ellyn

Orthodontic Experts conveniently located in Glen Ellyn is a specialist in Orthodontic treatments and proud to offer outstanding orthodontic care for patients of all ages.

Our clinic in Glen Ellyn is equipped with professional multilingual staff, advanced and latest technological equipment, orthodontic appliances and patient-friendly atmosphere to ensure that our patients receive optimal services with finest results.  No matter if braces in Glen Ellyn can treat your issue or an clear aligner in Glen Ellyn is best suited for you, all the techniques and methods we use have proved to be less painful and guaranteed result-oriented.

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At orthodontic Experts you can choose from a variety of treatment options. Our experienced orthodontist will help you in deciding for the best orthodontic treatment. Not only this, financial plans and insurance coverage is also something you can avail to make your treatment affordable. Once the treatment is confirmed, a financial plan is customized considering the budget constraints of our patients.

Best Orthodontist in Glen Ellyn for All Ages

If you are a parent and interested in quality orthodontic treatment, you can call us today to set up a no cost consultation. During this initial consultation, on the basis of the age of your son / daughter and oral health, our orthodontist in Glen Ellyn analyzes and discusses the current oral health status with the treatment options available for specific causes. Usually an early treatment and two-phase orthodontics is ideal for the children aged 7 to 12 years. Orthodontic Experts suggests that parents should make the first dental appointment for their child at the age of 7 to prevent any potential problems leading to complicated orthodontic issues in future.

Orthodontic Experts provides satisfactory services in adult orthodontics so if you are an adult and interested in straightening your teeth or better aligning your bite, then our best orthodontist team in Glen Ellyn can help you achieve that. Our initial consultations are FREE for everyone so please call and schedule your appointment today and discuss the best options to achieve your dream smile and functional bite.

Treatment Options for Everyone

Braces Glen Ellyn might be the oldest orthodontic treatment method but it is still appreciated for its satisfactory results. Technology has brought some innovation and enhanced those traditional metallic braces. Champagne colored brackets are now getting popular and known as iconix braces in Glen Ellyn. These iconix braces are no less than pure metallic braces in functionality but great in providing aesthetic benefits to the patient.

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Clear Aligner treatment in Glen Ellyn is becoming increasingly popular. The clear, removable plastic trayers are placed in the patient’s mouth to gradually move teeth in their new position.

Orthodontic Experts provides the best clear aligner treatment in Glen Ellyn at a price that won’t cost you a fortune. We have a long-list of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for their orthodontic treatments.

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Yours and your child’s bite and smile is unique and in a first consultation we can quickly assess the case, answer the questions, and provide potential treatment plans to retain that uniqueness. To learn more about our orthodontic practice, please explore our website or call us. We look forward to welcome you and treat you.

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