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Orthodontists in the vicinity of Gurnee are very welcoming. They have kept their doors open for patients of every age to come and get the treatment done. The team of professional orthodontists works with their great knowledge and expertise to provide wide smiles on people’s faces. Patients of Gurnee get their orthodontic treatment from the fully equipped clinics of orthodontic experts within a short period.

What do the Orthodontic Experts have for the people of Gurnee?

The orthodontic expert’s clinic in Gurnee is full of enthusiastic individuals motivated to give out the best possible treatments to the patients reaching out to them. We can confidently say that we have been serving our patients with quality services at our clinic. We have gained this confidence through the list of satisfied patients who trust us to give them the appropriate treatment to cure all their orthodontic needs. The patients we usually treat at our clinic in Gurnee are from every age group, including kids, teens, adults, and grown-ups. Moreover, you can find all the advanced and effective treatments of traditional metal braces, iconix and clear aligners. We provide all these oral benefits under the umbrella of affordable rates for the patients to stay stress-free.

Directions to our Gurnee

Head north on N Greenleaf Ave toward Grand Ave – 72 ft
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Grand Ave – 1.0 mi
Turn right onto N Green Bay Rd
Pass by McDonald’s (on the right) – 0.9 mi
Turn left onto Washington St – 0.5 mi
Turn left – 79 ft
Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 318 ft
Head north on N Greenleaf Ave toward Grand Ave – 72 ft
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Grand Ave – 1.1 mi
Continue straight to stay on Grand Ave
Pass by NAPA Auto Parts – Motor Parts & Equipment Corporation (on the right in 0.2 mi) – 0.8 mi
Turn right onto N McAree Rd – 0.7 mi
Turn left – 75 ft
Turn right – 135 ft
Turn left – Destination will be on the left – 318 ft
Head north on N Greenleaf Ave toward Grand Ave – 72 ft
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Grand Ave – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto the ramp to Chicago – 0.3 mi
Merge onto US Hwy 41 S – 0.6 mi
Take the exit toward Washington St – 0.2 mi
Merge onto Frontage Rd – 253 ft
Turn right onto Washington St – 1.7 mi
Turn left – 79 ft
Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 318 ft

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Treatment Options

Orthodontist Gurnee offers

You are mistaken if you think it is not the right time to get your orthodontic treatment for a perfect smile. It would be best if you kept all the factors aside, be it your age or time; you should do all possible to cure your smile and overall oral health. Coming to us for orthodontic treatment could be the right decision you are making because the appliances at our clinic are designed in a unique way that can give 100% satisfying results to all ages. Here are the treatments that we offer to the patients.

Traditional Metal Braces

The traditional meal braces are the most common braces that the people of Gurnee also prefer. These braces in Gurnee consist of metal wires, attachments, and brackets, which are then attached to the surface of the teeth using the orthodontic adhesive. With such structure, these braces are preferred by patients with crooked and crowded teeth, so they get aligned in a minimal time.

Iconix Braces

The Iconix are champagne-colored braces with an element of rose gold in them. Also, these are made of stainless steel, which keeps the braces all like new till the end of the treatment. By the feature of the braces, it is easy to say that these are none-other than stylish braces, which is the preference of most adults in the Gurnee.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners in Gurnee is designed for people who want to stay in their sophisticated look and don't wish to carry the burden of braces on their misaligned teeth. However, the transparency of these clear aligners makes it easier for people to fulfill their dream. Clear aligners is made of plastic trays placed as a cap on the patient's teeth and cures them to get straightened. The advanced technology of 3D is used to design this clear aligners to treat the patients of Gurnee in a limited time.

Orthodontic Treatment

options in an affordable budget

To ease the life of our patients, we have designed an effective in-house payment plan that makes orthodontic treatment easily affordable for every other individual. We usually accept health insurance cards so the pressure won’t come on the patients themselves. Also, patients not equipped with a health insurance card can take advantage of monthly installment plans to split the payment pressure and stay stress-free. So, we see no other reason that is holding you from getting started with your orthodontic treatment.

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We hope that by now, you must have decided to come to us for the orthodontic treatment. If that is the case, you should not wait to schedule your consultation with us. No consultation charges are applied when you opt for it for the first time. However, in the consultation session, the orthodontists will guide you about the available treatment options and the one that will be beneficial for you. So, you can choose the payment method as per your preferences along with the proper treatment as directed by the orthodontists. So, what is making you wait for this much? Get in touch with us at your earliest.

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