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At Orthodontic Experts in Gurnee, we try to be one of Waukegan’s first choice and best orthodontists where we practice providing the patients with their beautiful and dreamy smiles back and giving them the confidence to embrace the success. Our orthodontist in Gurnee strives to provide orthodontic treatments that are both functional and aesthetically good. Our orthodontist Gurnee holds a high standard of professionalism and honesty, earning the trust of our patients by providing outstanding and satisfying results. 

Orthodontic Experts believe that everyone deserves the highest and best level of orthodontic treatment and care. All of our staff is board certified which means you receive the orthodontic treatment on a professional level. Our expert orthodontist in Gurnee works hard for making positive changes in your life by creating beautiful healthy and happy smiles!

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Orthodontic Experts Provides the Best Braces in Gurnee

Whether you are looking for orthodontic treatment for yourself or for your child, we have an orthodontist in Gurnee waiting for you, where we are providing almost every solution to your impaired smiles, uneven teeth, imbalance lip line, and all other problems of your mouth.

Ranging from traditional metal braces to invisible braces in Gurnee, we can proudly offer the latest Invisalign treatment in Gurnee too. 

Our professional orthodontists strive to help you to look and feel your best by providing the best orthodontic treatment options and offering a variety of braces in Gurnee including traditional metal braces, behind the teeth – self-ligating braces, and Invisalign clear aligners. We believe that you are unique and your treatment plan at Orthodontic Experts is always catered to your needs. Our practice is patient-centered and the treatment you choose revolves around your overall personality goals and desires.

Traditional Metal Braces in Gurnee

Traditional metal braces are the well known and most trusted standard orthodontic treatment for decades and are continuously improving with the latest technology. Our orthodontists in Gurnee always love to treat patients and bringing them the comfort they want. To make this treatment method more joyful for teenage patients, with traditional metal braces, you can have fun with changing your braces colors every time you visit the doctor.

Iconix Braces in Gurnee

Iconix braces sound more natural with its champagne-colored braces that allow more clearness and matches with the natural color of your teeth. Iconix braces are made up of stainless steel with a rose gold aesthetic coating that blends beautifully with your teeth resulting in a naturally white and appealing smile. This method is suitable for all those who want to flaunt their confidence with braces.

Invisalign in Gurnee

This latest orthodontic treatment method moves your teeth with the help of plastic invisible trays. A series of these invisible clear braces in Gurnee are manufactured and customized on the basis of a 3D-model image of your teeth and mouth by our expert orthodontist in Gurnee and required to be worn for a period of almost 12 months. It is an invisible method of treating your teeth with visible results.

We Value Your Finances!

We are excited to provide top-quality orthodontics to the residents of Waukegan and the surrounding areas. We accept most major dental insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Metlife, Humana, Cigna, Guardian, United Healthcare, Medicaid, and more! Your Waukegan, IL orthodontist is a specialist that has spent years of training, is highly experienced, and truly loves to give back to the community of Waukegan. 

If you are living in Gurnee just stop by our office today and talk to our best orthodontist and see why Orthodontic Experts of Waukegan is the top choice for the best orthodontic treatments of braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and other teeth straightening treatments.

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