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Orthodontic Experts is the leading provider of orthodontic services near Kenosha. Our orthodontists have mastered the art of making patients smile with confidence. Our patients are important to us, and our orthodontists are eager to meet their needs. In our orthodontic practice, we take great pride in giving our patients radiant new smiles. Depending on your orthodontic needs, you can choose from a variety of treatments, including traditional braces, Iconix braces, or transparent aligners. To ensure that you can afford the orthodontic treatment you require, we also offer a variety of payment plans. Get in touch with us right away if you’re interested in scheduling a free orthodontic consultation.

Make your Smile brighter and wider with Orthodontics in Kenosha

Orthodontic Experts believe that a healthier smile can profoundly impact your life. We have witnessed the number of satisfied customers grow over the years who snapped up the opportunity to try our orthodontic treatment. This is because Orthodontic Experts is taking the lead in providing the best orthodontic care through high-tech appliances and research-based treatment approaches at the clinic. However, we serve patients of all ages, from children to mature adults, because we think everyone should feel good about their smile. Every patient receives the same level of care in a soothing, stress-free setting. Moreover, our packages are easily affordable, leaving no chance for you to avoid opting for an orthodontic treatment that can fix your crooked, misaligned or spaced teeth.

Directions to our Kenosha

Head west on 56th St toward Sheridan Rd – 15 sec (259 ft)

Continue on Sheridan Rd. Take 22nd Ave and Meachem Rd to WI-31 N/S Green Bay Rd in Mount Pleasant – 21 min (10.5 mi)

Turn right onto Sheridan Rd – 1.6 mi

Turn left to stay on Sheridan Rd – 1.2 mi

Turn left onto Birch Rd – 0.8 mi

Turn right onto 22nd Ave – 2.4 mi

Continue onto Meachem Rd – 2.0 mi

Turn left onto Durand Ave – 0.9 mi

Turn right onto WI-31 N/S Green Bay Rd

Pass by Starbucks (on the right)

Destination will be on the right – 1.6 mi

Head west on 56th St toward Sheridan Rd – 259 ft

Turn right onto Sheridan Rd – 1.0 mi

Turn left onto Washington Rd – 2.9 mi

Turn right onto WI-31 N – 4.5 mi

Keep left to continue on WI-31 N/S Green Bay Rd

Pass by Starbucks (on the right in 2.3 mi)

Destination will be on the right – 3.8 mi

Head west on 56th St toward Sheridan Rd – 15 sec (259 ft)

Follow Sheridan Rd, Alford Park Dr and Sheridan Rd to 7th St in Somers – 8 min (4.9 mi)

Turn right onto Sheridan Rd – 1.6 mi

Continue onto Alford Park Dr – 1.3 mi

Continue onto Sheridan Rd – 0.2 mi

Continue straight onto WI-32 N/Sheridan Rd – 1.8 mi

Take Meachem Rd to Durand Ave in Mount Pleasant – 7 min (4.2 mi)

Turn left onto 7th St – 1.2 mi

Turn right onto 22nd Ave – 1.0 mi

Continue onto Meachem Rd – 2.0 mi

Drive to WI-31 N/S Green Bay Rd in Mount Pleasant – 6 min (2.5 mi)

Turn left onto Durand Ave – 0.9 mi

Turn right onto WI-31 N/S Green Bay Rd

Pass by Starbucks (on the right)

Destination will be on the right – 1.6 mi

Kenosha, WI to Mount Pleasant

Treatment Options

Orthodontic Experts Near Kenosha Offer

No matter your age, the desire to smile confidently is universal. Consult the top orthodontic specialists at Orthodontic Experts offering promising results at an affordable price. Explore our available treatment options and pick the one that you would like to be briefed about.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common choice for orthodontic care because they are durable and maintain their traditional metallic look even after years of wear. One of the greatest features of traditional braces is that they can control the teeth movement gradually with greater precision which is why they are so favorable to the residents of Kenosha.

Iconix Braces

The Iconix braces are a sophisticated and aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces. These are made purely from champagne color and bordered with rose gold that adds grace to these exquisite braces. Though the orthodontic treatment procedure of the traditional metal braces and Iconix remain the same, it is the look of Iconix that attract adults and teens of Kenosha who want to stay in style.

Clear Aligners

Orthodontic Experts has maintained their name as the experts by offering painless treatment through clear aligners. This revolutionary part of orthodontic technology attracts teens and adults who are always concerned about their looks. The clear aligners align the teeth within the minimum time and give the leverage of fixing and removing these transparent trays in the comfort of the home.

Economical Orthodontic

Treatment near Kenosha

Orthodontic Experts near Kenosha offer services at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. We provide an in-house payment plan that won’t force you to go over your set budget plan. If you don’t have the cash to pay for your orthodontic treatment out of pocket, you can use your health insurance card to get the care you need at Orthodontic Experts. However, if you don’t want to proceed with the insurance plans or don’t have one, you can choose the option of monthly installment plans that can make it easy for you to pay a small amount each month to help you avoid debt by paying the total amount altogether. What’s stopping you from choosing us when we have various payment options open for you? Contact us today to experience a confident life with a picture-perfect smile!

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