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The orthodontist experts in South Milwaukee eagerly welcome the patients at their highly advanced clinics. The team of experts has set their visions high to give a rightful smile on people’s faces by treating them with effective orthodontic treatment. The orthodontists also make sure to treat the patients with the minimum possible treatment time. The team of orthodontists consists of highly qualified experts who can meet the needs of the patients easily and every time.

What do the Orthodontic Experts of South Milwaukee have for the residents?

We believe that bringing back your beautiful smile will give you a whole new life experience and wipe away all the sadness from your life. However, we don’t only believe but are putting our 100% into making the people smile again with their brightly shining smiles. The Orthodontists of South Milwaukee keep the charge of maintaining a peaceful and comfortable environment at our clinics so that the people can get the treatment in such a pleasurable environment. We have a long list of satisfied patients utilizing our services and forwarding the feedback to their surroundings. We take the motivation from the list of our satisfied patients and work in a better way to give you the advanced treatment of iconix and clear aligners in South Milwaukee. Though, all these services offered at our clinic are reasonable to be easily paid for by the patients.

Directions to our South Milwaukee

Get on I-41/I-94 W from E Rawson Ave – 9 min (4.5 mi)

Head north on 10th Ave toward Milwaukee Ave – 0.2 mi

Continue onto N Chicago Ave – 292 ft

Turn left onto E Rawson Ave – 3.8 mi

Turn right onto the I-41 N/I-94 W ramp – 0.4 mi

Continue on I-41 to Greenfield. Take exit 60 from I-43 S – 9 min (9.1 mi)

Merge onto I-41/I-94 W – 1.6 mi

Keep right at the fork to continue on I-41, follow signs for I-43 S/I-894/Madison/Fond du Lac – 6.2 mi

Keep left at the fork to continue on I-43 S, follow signs for US- 45/Beloit – 0.9 mi

Use the left lane to take exit 60 toward US-45 S/WI-100 S/S 108th St – 0.2 mi

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-45 S/WI-100 S and merge onto US-45 S/WI-100 S/S 108th St – 0.2 mi

Continue on S 108th St to your destination in Hales Corners – 3 min (1.1 mi)

Use the left lane to merge onto US-45 S/WI-100 S/S 108th St – 0.3 mi

Continue straight onto S 108th St – 0.7 mi

Turn left onto W Scharles Ave – 190 ft

Turn right – 197 ft

Turn left – Destination will be on the left – 374 ft

Take E Rawson Ave to W Scharles Ave in Hales Corners – 23 min (11.7 mi)

Head north on 10th Ave toward Milwaukee Ave – 0.2 mi

Continue onto N Chicago Ave – 292 ft

Turn left onto E Rawson Ave – 9.2 mi

Turn left onto the U.S. 45 N/South 100th Street N ramp – 0.1 mi

Turn right onto US-45 N/S 100th St/S Lovers Lane Rd

Continue to follow US-45 N

Pass by McDonald’s (on the right in 1.7 mi) – 2.0 mi

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.1 mi)

Turn right onto W Scharles Ave – 92 ft

Turn right – 197 ft

Turn left – Destination will be on the left – 374 ft

Drive from E Rawson Ave and S 76th St to Hales Corners – 24 min (11.8 mi)

Head north on 10th Ave toward Milwaukee Ave – 0.2 mi

Continue onto N Chicago Ave – 292 ft

Turn left onto E Rawson Ave – 7.6 mi

Turn right onto S 76th St – 2.0 mi

Turn left onto W Grange Ave – 1.4 mi

Use any lane to turn left onto W Forest Home Ave – 0.6 mi

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.2 mi)

Turn right at S Lilac Ln – 308 ft

Turn right – 135 ft

Turn left – 331 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the right – 59 ft

South Milwaukee, WI to Hales Corners

Treatment Options

Orthodontist South Milwaukee offers

You’re mistaken if you think you are already too old to get orthodontic treatment. At any point and time in your life, you can avail the advanced techniques designed for braces in South Milwaukee that will give satisfying results to the patients as per their desires. You can check out all the treatment options that we have at our clinics.

Traditional Metal Braces

The most common types of braces are traditional metal braces. The braces are being widely used across the borders, and so is the situation in south Milwaukee. The braces consist of metal attachments, metal wire, and metal brackets; to sum up, the braces are entirely made of metal. However, these braces are attached to the teeth using an adhesive material that keeps the braces in place. The people of South Milwaukee are gaining trust in these braces just a little too much.

Iconix Braces

The braces are made for teens and adults who are much concerned about their looks. This mixture of champagne and gold braces gives aesthetic looks to the people, which is why the demand curve is rising with time. The best part about Iconix is that they are made of stainless steel, which keeps the braces in their original condition till the end of the treatment. The Iconix Braces are not only increasing its demand in other states, but the people of South Milwaukee also demand these charming look braces.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners is designed to fulfill the need of sensitive adults who are always on the hunt to get rid of the metal and steel braces but want a perfect smile. By using clear aligners, the adults are comfortable with their appearance. Since the clear aligners are invisible trays that cannot be seen from a distance. These trays cater to the oral health of the problem in short time.

Manageable budget

plan for orthodontic treatment

Considering the patient’s problem, we have designed in-house payment plans to ease most patients’ problems. We are accepting health insurance plans that would help people cover the treatment cost with their insurance cards. On the other side, people who don’t have health insurance plans don’t need to feel sad about it, as we have arranged the monthly installments plan. The monthly installments won’t let the cost factor hit you hard. So, with such payment plans, the people who have changed their minds about lending orthodontic treatment can revert their minds again, as now the treatment can be under their pockets.

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