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What is the best way to convey a sense of confidence and self-esteem other than a clean, beautiful, and perfect smile? Your smile is indeed one of the best investments you can make for the future. A good smile unlocks the doors of success for everyone who flaunts it. For the best orthodontist in Wadsworth, call us now.

Orthodontic experts of Waukegan near Wadsworth are committed to greet every patient with dental problems with love, care, and dedication and determine the best orthodontic solution rendering the ideal results for everyone. Our orthodontist in Wadsworth offers a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options ranging from traditional metal braces to the latest and innovative Invisalign treatment or invisible braces technology. 

Our orthodontist in Wadsworth prides themselves in specializing in carrying out the treatments without tooth extractions. In the majority of the cases, our patients are treated without the removal of teeth or any surgical procedures unless required otherwise.

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Orthodontist for All Ages

We are an orthodontist to the whole family. Some children and adults are afraid of dentists and orthodontists. Whether it was due to a bad past experience, or simply a fear of cavities or anything else, but Orthodontic Experts is here to help. Our Wadsworth orthodontists have considerable experience easing these fears that patients face when at an orthodontist’s office. When you receive treatment with Orthodontic Experts, you can rest easy knowing you are in the friendliest and kindest hands available.

Treatments We Offer:

At Orthodontic Experts of Wadsworth, our primary goal is to provide you with outstanding service, quality treatment, and a beautiful smile in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. We utilize the most modern and technologically advanced materials and methods available. We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide you with an amazing smile!

From the latest Invisalign treatment in Wadsworth, Waukegan, IL, the treatment options include a variety of braces types such as:

  • traditional metal braces in Wadsworth
  • clear braces in Wadsworth
  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners
  • various removable and fixed orthodontic appliances
  • interceptive orthodontic treatment, surgical orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, and cleft lip and palate treatment

Choosing among one of the best braces in Wadsworth is Iconix Braces or Invisalign. The white gold colored Iconix brackets blend in well with the teeth and are a little less noticeable than that traditional metallic braces, while the Invisalign treatment in Wadsworth can be faster, less-noticeable and more comfortable. 

We Offer Affordable Orthodontics

We are excited to provide top-quality orthodontics to the residents of Waukegan, IL, and the surrounding areas. We accept most major dental insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Metlife, Humana, Cigna, Guardian, United Healthcare, Medicaid, and more! Your Waukegan orthodontist is a specialist that has spent years of training, is highly experienced, and truly loves to give back to the community of Wadsworth by minimizing their financial burden when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

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