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Aim of an orthodontist is to sculpt a beautiful smile for the people of all ages in a friendly, caring and comfortable environment. At Orthodontic Experts in wheeling, our orthodontist understands that every patient comes with different orthodontic needs therefore we offer customized treatment plans along with affordable payment options to help gain the dream smile for everyone who walks through our doors.

Why choose orthodontic experts of wheeling

Our orthodontists in wheeling are committed to the high core values and deliver orthodontic services in a courteous manner. When you book a treatment plan with us, you will have:

High-quality service – we use state of the art technology and equipment to make sure that you receive the quality of service you deserve. We have created a peaceful and comfortable environment in our clinic to provide a relaxing space during your treatment. 

Patient education – patient’s education is the key to gain the best result out of any treatment so whether you need braces in wheeling or looking for a clear aligners treatment in wheeling, our patient care staff is quite friendly to deliver the transparent patient care process. They educate the patients for the orthodontic treatments they will be getting and also explain why we need to do that. 

Up to date staff and technology – our orthodontist continue to learn new practices and expand their knowledge for the orthodontic treatment procedures to provide the best orthodontic care to you. Our clinics and staff are fully equipped with all the latest technological methods and work to deliver more than your expectations.

Orthodontic treatment options available in wheeling

Whether you or your child needs pre-treatment monitoring, braces for an improved bite or the ever wanted smile, our orthodontist in Arlington Heights near wheeling can help you achieve all that. Our treatment options include:

Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces in wheeling stands to be the oldest yet most preferred type of orthodontic treatment. It now offers a choice of colorful bands to make it more of a fun for your child.

Clear braces in wheeling

All those professionals who do not want to change their personalities usually opt for this option since these clear braces keep the braces hidden from others, you feel more comfortable with the treatment.

Clear aligners in wheeling

Clear aligners treatment in wheeling is something which our clinics and staff is well versed for. This treatment involves invisible braces with the use of clear plastic trays that are custom created for the size of your mouth and teeth. Clear aligners treatment wheeling offers a more sophisticated type of treatment that promises the correction of all dental problems in minimum times required than braces.

Smiles are affordable with orthodontic experts

In addition to different orthodontic treatment plans, orthodontic experts offer different payment options to its patients to make this process more affordable for them. Our financial plans include:

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We are the best orthodontist in Arlington Heights near wheeling and the top choice for the residents of wheeling because at Orthodontic Experts, we use all the latest products, equipment, methods and technologies to provide you with the most comfortable orthodontic treatment in wheeling. Book a consultation today that is free of cost and get a treatment plan for yourself or your kid.

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