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Everyone wants a perfect smile but not everyone needs braces to get that perfect smile. To make dreams come true for residents of Rogers Park, IL in Skokie, orthodontic experts capable of its best orthodontist Roger Park, IL team offer high quality orthodontic treatment to help them get straight, perfect, healthy and beautiful smiles. Our orthodontist in Skokie near Rogers Park, IL takes pride in treating dental patients of ages from 7 to 70. We have proudly built our patients numbers derived from organic satisfaction brought about by our quality orthodontic care. Orthodontics is somehow considered as putting your teeth behind the bars but with the latest advancements in technology, it’s no more the story. With traditional metal braces in Rogers Park, IL being one of the most preferred types of treatment, the latest clear aligners method has also gained popularity due to convenience and reliable results.

People in Rogers Park can now look forward to other options such as iconix braces or clear aligners treatment in Rogers Park, IL. Our orthodontist Rogers Park, IL recognizes that no two mouths are the same that’s why we will examine you and advise the best treatment method suited for your individual aesthetic and health goal.

Orthodontic treatment options in Rogers Park, IL

From conventional braces in Rogers Park, IL, we offer all old and new treatment types to our patients of all ages. Metal braces, iconix clear braces in Rogers Park, IL and clear aligners for teens and adults are some of the types that are popular and reliable.

Traditional Metal Braces in Rogers Park, IL

This method may sound a bit harsh to some people due to the involvement of metal cages but to make it more of a fun for teenagers, braces in Rogers Park, IL now offers the opportunity to customize and change the color of braces each time you visit the dentist.

Iconix Braces in Rogers Park, IL

Because of their champagne color, iconix braces allow for more translucency of the enamel, resulting in a more beautiful and whiter smile! Although they are made of stainless-steel material providing durability, its light gold aesthetic coating that blends beautifully with your teeth makes it less invisible and noticeable than traditional braces. This treatment method is suitable for those who cannot afford a much change of personality in their careers.

Clear Aligners Treatment in Rogers Park, IL

Orthodontic Experts take pride to offer clear aligners in Skokie near Rogers Park, IL. The clear aligners method uses a series of plastic trays that gradually move your teeth without involvement braces. Using a computer aided 3D model of your mouth, our orthodontist Rogers Park, IL designs a customized treatment plan to meet your specific orthodontic needs. This is the most invisible method of treatment to bring visible results.

Financing your treatment is easy with us

We believe that gaining straight teeth should be affordable and easy, that’s why we’re committed to offering the right solution at a reasonable price. We offer zero interest payment plans for all orthodontic treatments. We accept all the major insurance plans and offer complimentary consultations for all types of orthodontic treatment.

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The very first step in the journey to your beautiful new smile is a no cost consultation. Our orthodontist in Rogers Park, IL and our team members can’t wait to welcome you to our orthodontic family. We would love to help you attain a smile that’s lovely and filled with confidence. Book your free appointment now at our Skokie Clinic near Rogers Park, IL.

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